· July, 2006

Stories about Humanitarian Response from July, 2006

Uganda: Don't Sleep

  11 July 2006

Uganda-CAN links to the Web site of “Don't Sleep!”, a new campaign to involve African-Americans and the Hip Hop generation in the plight of Uganda's night-commuter children.

Uganda: Who is afraid of peace?

  11 July 2006

On the occasion of the Sudan-mediated talks aimed at bringing peace to northern Uganda, Ngomrom says any settlement should be seen as an opportunity to introduce a democratic system in the country.

South Africa: North Korean visit

  11 July 2006

“I always get the warm fuzzies when we receive state visits from the most oppressive government in existence today,” writes Farrel Lifson at Politics.za on the occasion of a North Korean diplomatic visit. He notes, thankfully, that bilateral trade with the isolated Stalinist state doesn't amount to much, and calls...

New Caledonia: Collecting Clothing for Local Tribe

  7 July 2006

Sebastien from 5 Minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie is (fr) officially collecting clothing for the local Koulnoue tribe at the request of one of its members. Interested potential donors should email him at sebastienmerion@yahoo.fr. He posts pictures of members of the tribe and promises to post regular updates of the tribe's...

Uganda: LRA public relations

  7 July 2006

We have become accustomed to seeing the government and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) as equally to blame for the continuing violence in Uganda, says Ngomrom, going on to paint a a picture more from the LRA's less-reported point of view.

FGM: Harmful Culture

  7 July 2006

The Concoction writes about female genital mutilation (FGM), providing a brief history of attitudes among the international community towards the various forms of the practice.

Afghanistan: Open Letter to Expatriates

  6 July 2006

Sanjar has an open letter to expatriates living in Afghanistan, coining the phrase “expatlordism” to describe what he calls a new type of oligarchy that marks the post-Taliban period in the country.

Russia: Beslan Question to Putin

Marina Litvinovich (LJ user abstract2001, founder of the PravdaBeslana.ru site) has posted a link (RUS) to the 28 questions on Beslan, posed to Vladimir Putin by Russian internet users who hope the president will answer them during an online conference Thursday. Here's one question, translated from Russian: “Dear [Vladimir Vladimirovich]....

African Union: Leaders criticized

  5 July 2006

Eddie Cross, guest-blogging at Zimpundit, lays into the leaders who met at the African Union summit in Banjul, Gambia, July 1-2. “We have the spectacle of the Heads of State rejecting the Democracy Charter, refusing to face up to the genocidal activities of the government of the Sudan and complete...

Uganda: Amnesty for Kony?

  5 July 2006

Yebo Gogo is ambivalent about the offer of amnesty being made to Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, who has already reported him to the International Criminal Court, which has issued an arrest warrant. But, writes Fontaine, it would be hard to dismiss such an...

Russia: State Duma Deputy's Journal

Yevgeniy Roizman, 43, is more than just a Russian State Duma deputy. He is also the founder of Russia's only privately-owned religious icon museum (called Nevyanskaya Ikona, 600 works); has been collecting works of Ural painters (2,000 so far) and is building a museum in Yekaterinburg to house them; is...

Iran: X Generation

According to Pouya temporary marriages ( Sigheh) in Iran has a 76% growth last year. The blogger says children who are born during this kind of marriage do not have an ordinary citizen's right (Persian). These children do not have an identity card and are deprived of their social rights...

Russia: Two Beslan Accounts Reviewed

David McDuff of A Step At A Time compares two recent – and very different – English-language accounts of the 2004 Beslan tragedy: The School, an article by C.J. Chivers, published in the June 2006 issue of Esquire (bootleg version‘s at PravdaBeslana.ru site), and the book by a Hoover Institution's...

Ukraine: Bad News For Ukraine's Orphans

Cristin of the Ukrainian Adoption Blog writes that due to heartless red tape, those willing to adopt Ukrainian children should better consider other countries: “If you aren't already completely committed to Ukraine, now is the time to look around. If you haven't even started the dossier process, do not start...

Taiwan: conservation of Hansen disease hospital

  3 July 2006

Yang in Esouth blog reflects upon a rally to conserve a Hansen disease hospital from being demolished and replaced by a giant metro train factory. The issue has unveiled a hidden history of the city, the disease and the people. She is touched by the demonstration as the participants came...