· September, 2008

Stories about Humanitarian Response from September, 2008

Myanmar: Aid still needed

  29 September 2008

Five months after the devastating cyclone which killed and displaced at least a hundred thousand people, Myanmar is slowly recovering. Relief efforts may be improving but international aid is still very much needed.

Haiti: More than Charity

  27 September 2008

Haiti Reborn reports that the country's president is calling for “more than just ‘charitable’ contributions to Haiti's recovery.”

China: Morality Crisis

  25 September 2008

Xujun Eberlein from Inside-Out China have some discussions about the morality crisis happening in China. And whether a new ideology can solve the problem.

Belarus, Ukraine, Russia: Chernobyl Photo Essay

  17 September 2008

Chernobyl and Eastern Europe links to a photo essay created by teenagers from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia for the International Conference on Chernobyl held in Belarus in April 2006: “It is interesting to see these images – effects of the Chernobyl disaster as seen through the eyes of the children.”

Suez Canal donates 1,000,000 Egyptian Pounds to Doweika Victims

  16 September 2008

Like Asser Mattar, many Egyptians were happy to find out that Suez Canal canceled its annual celebration on September 14 to donate a total of one million Egyptian Pounds to support the victims of the Doweika tragedy. Scores of people were killed and injured when huge rocks fell on 35 homes in the slum in one of Cairo's poorest neighbourhoods.

Cuba: Assessing the Damage

  16 September 2008

“The blow to food supply is particularly severe: crops lost in the field, stocks damaged in warehouses, and Cuba’s capacity to import affected by losses in sectors that generate foreign exchange earnings”: The Cuban Triangle posts a roundup of reports on post-hurricane damage in Cuba, which is estimated to be...

Cuba: Suffering a Setback

  15 September 2008

“To Cubans and others who love the country, what just happened is truly heartbreaking. Two powerful hurricanes in ten days ravaged agriculture, wreaked havoc with the electricity grid and telecommunications and damaged or destroyed well over three hundred thousand homes”: Havana-based blogger Circles Robinson says that “Cuba’s development strategies for...

South Ossetia: A Photojournalist's Musings On the War

  15 September 2008

Firsthand reports from the conflict zone in the Caucasus continue to appear here and there in the Russophone blogosphere. On Sept. 8, one month since the beginning of the war in South Ossetia and Georgia, Russian photojournalist Oleg Klimov posted his musings on what the war looks like and what it smells like, on the media and propaganda, and on what seems like the universal nature of wartime looting.

Western Sahara: Summer is Over for Sahrawi Children

  14 September 2008

Traveling abroad to spend summer with a family in Spain, meeting movie stars like Javier Bardem, sharing special moments with volunteers who give them new school materials, summer is officially over for Sahrawi children, who are back in school, where they are learning valuable lessons about hope and a better tomorrow, writes Renata Avila.

Cuba: How to Help

  12 September 2008

Havana-based blogger Yoani Sanchez says: “Despite the air of triumph they present to us on the TV news, talking about ‘hurricane recovery’, Cubans are very worried” and writes another post about the best ways to help Cuban hurricane victims.

Haiti: Humanitarian Disaster

  11 September 2008

In the aftermath of three storms’ barrage on the island, Haitianalysis.com interviews Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of a group that provides free medical care in Haiti, who says: “I can honestly say that I have never seen anything as painful as what I just witnessed.”

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Outcome of Hasan Nuhanović's Case

  11 September 2008

Café Turco writes about the outcome of Hasan Nuhanović's lawsuit against the Dutch state: “We are here upon a scandalous case of the spirit of justice being distorted. The victims cannot ask the UN for responsibilities, because the UN has immunity, but the dutch state cannot be considered responsible because...

Haiti: Cabaret Hit Hard

  10 September 2008

The Livesay Haiti Weblog reports that in one of the areas hardest-hit by Hurricane Ike, “they are literally pulling dead babies and children out of muddy river beds and stacking the bodies in trucks. People have lost their children, their mothers, their brothers and friends. All because of some rain....