· February, 2008

Stories about Humanitarian Response from February, 2008

Yemen: Gaza, My Grandmother and Candles

  26 February 2008

Yemeni blogger Maysaa Shuja has written a profoundly thoughtful post about candles, electricity, and the possible introduction of nuclear energy to her native country - a country which cannot supply a steady stream of electricity. And while the outpour of sympathy for Gaza and its electricity problems continue, Maysaa Shuja talks about how her enterprising grandmother, may Allah rest her soul in peace, taught them the value of candles at their greatest hours of need.

Kenya: Msafara Initiative

  26 February 2008

Pastor M introduces Msafara Initiative in Kenya: “The Msafara initiative continues to gather momentum. Check out the new website www.msafara.co.ke to learn more about how you can be involved. Many churches across Kenya have signed on to Msafara and many more are signing on! Churches involved so far come from...

Afghanistan: Imagine art after

  25 February 2008

Sanjar tells about “Imagine art after” project, uniting artists who originate from the same country but who are now geographically and politically separated. At the exhibition, shown earlier this year at the Tate Gallery in London, two Aghanistani artists were paired together – Rahraw Amarzad (living in Kabul) and Shapur...

Iraq: F*** you Washington Post…

  24 February 2008

...so says Raed Jarrar. Today's post features voices from the edge. Sunshine is waiting for the war on her doorstep to end and writes of her hopes and aspirations; Last of Iraqis is turned back at the Jordanian border and writes of hopes lost; Layla waits in the immigration queue; Baghdad Dentist writes of a relaxed Baghdad and the blogger formerly know as Konfused Kid writes of a world that has changed.

Hindi: No smoking and Cricket Auctions

  22 February 2008

Amit Gupta takes us on a tour of the latest from the Hindi blogosphere, including bad news for male smokers, good news for cricket fans in Hyderabad, and hopeful news regarding the effort to curb the spread of AIDS.

China: Premier Wen, Please Visit your Neighbor

  21 February 2008

During the snow storm, Premier Wen Jiabo has been traveling around the country and visiting victims of the storm. Tiger temple urged Premier Wen to visit his neighbor, homeless in Qainmen. The city control team has torn away their shelters in cold weather (zh).

Afghanistan: Local Charity Aids Needy People

  21 February 2008

Mohammad reports that Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation distributes winter aid for hundreds returning refugee families in the north and south of the Afghanistani capital, Kabul. Ahmad Shah Massoud had been a Defense Minister before he was killed in a suicide attack in 2001.

Sierra Leone: School for Sierra Leone

  19 February 2008

From School for Sierra Leone Project blog: “The Voice of Sierra Leone Association wants to start by supporting a school by buying furniture, toilets and schoolmaterials. After this they plan to build a school and a clinic in an area where there is no education and healthcare for children at...

China: Spielberg, the Olympics, and oil

  18 February 2008

Chinese bloggers shocked world media and those calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics this week with blog posts revealing a wide variety of Chinese opinions both independent from and more nuanced than that of the Chinese government on its relationship with Sudanese counterparts. Further surprise came when those...

Egypt: Dov'è L'Amore

  17 February 2008

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day, and for sure Egyptian bloggers couldn't miss such opportunity without writing about it, or even dedicating a special recipe of a Chocolate Pie for this occasion and calling it "The meal of Love". Tarek Amr has more.

China: Darfur, a reason to say No?

  16 February 2008

Is the Darfur issue a reason to say No to the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Spielberg nodded recently, while Mr. Bush shrugged, and Beijing frowned. But how about the common people in China?

Myanmar: Ban Ki-Moon Must Go To Burma

  14 February 2008

Keith commenting on a post about Myanmar's government's ignoring of the UN writes “Ban Ki Moon must go to Burma. If Kofi Annan can go to Kenya and tries to resolve the conflict there, Ban must go to Burma. As a fellow Asian, Ban must show compassion to the Burmese...

Turkmenistan: Turkmen Humanitarian Assistance

  11 February 2008

CXW takes a glance at Turkmenistan’s announcement that it is sending aid to Afghanistan – 1000 tons of wheat flour, 500 tons of diesel oil and 9000 tons of clothing for the people of Afghanistan to offer them some relief against the extraordinarily harsh and long winter.