· August, 2007

Stories about Humanitarian Response from August, 2007

Ukraine: Volunteerism Promotion

  31 August 2007

MoldovAnn bought her first car in Ukraine and has spent some time driving it in and around Kyiv, and now she's off for a week of traveling with a group of international volunteers as part of the UNV Volunteerism Promotion Campaign.

Ukraine: Animal Shelter

  30 August 2007

On August 19, Ukrainian journalist Tanya Kremen paid a visit to an animal shelter located near a small town just outside Kyiv. Below are her impressions and thoughts, which she has posted on her blog at Korrespondent.net, as well as a couple of comments from her readers.

Hong Kong: An Old Man Wishing To Live In Jail

  30 August 2007

Luqui Luwei commented on a recent news about an 78 years old man who committed a minor crime in order to go to the jail so that he could at least fill up his stomach. As the income disparity is becoming more and more serious, the blogger felt that the...

Tanzania: Buy a calendar to support a school

  22 August 2007

Support the School of St. Jude in Arusha, Tanzania, by ordering their 2008 calendar: “A School of St Jude calendar is the perfect gift for that person for whom it is impossible to buy anything – Aunty Madge has enough Body Shop loofahs! And this is a great way to...

Bangladesh: Aftermath of Flood

  21 August 2007

(The extent of flood in Bangladesh : Satellite Photo taken on August 3, 2007 courtesy Cegisbd) This year's floods have claimed 587 lives in Bangladesh so far. The floods have receded in most parts but fresh floods in many areas have disrupted affected people from going back to their homes....

Jamaica: Relief for Dean Victims

  20 August 2007

Geoffrey Philp's Blogspot reports that Jamaicans living in South Florida are preparing to “rush donations and other relief to the island” in the wake of Hurricane Dean.

Morocco: An Introduction to Peace Corps Bloggers

Morocco is home to a rather diverse group of English-language bloggers, as I'm sure you have observed. While many are native Moroccans utilizing their English skills and still others are expatriate teachers or workers, there is another unique group obvious from the tagline which their organization requires they post on their blogs: "Any written message or photo provided on this blog site does not represent the views or opinions of the U.S. Peace Corps or any other institution."

Malagasy bloggers rally for Madagascar's children

  17 August 2007

The Malagasy blogosphere was quite active on humanitarian efforts these past two weeks. It all started when Jogany at the purplecorner.com invited the Malagasy blogosphere to get involved in a virtual fund raiser: a blog-a-thon where participants would write 1 post every 30 min, 24h non-stop to raise fund for...

Tanzania: Tanzania's model philanthropist

  16 August 2007

Meet a model philanthropist from Tanzania; “The Shah's employ workers who make crafts like; handbags, wallets, briefcases, belts, hats, and chairs for the regions thriving tourism industry. Unlike most companies in Africa, they hire the handicapped and the disabled.”

China: Kidnapped and sent to the mines

  15 August 2007

Joel from DANWEI translated the kidnapped case of a 17 years old boy, Wei Wenlin. He was kidnapped from Hebei on 6 of Aug and sent to a mine in Shanxi, working there as slave. According to Beijing News, in Shanxi Province alone, there were 36,286 unlicensed work units, making...

China: An Electric Wire Thief

  14 August 2007

Tan Wei shan, a reporter in Guangzhou (a city of violence), posted a photo of an electric wire thief who has been beaten by local security guard.

Russia: Part of Europe

  13 August 2007

Having spent some time in Moscow, Jonathan Power of Wanabehuman became convinced that “the EU must now pick up the unfinished business of modernising and stabilising Russia that ended in 1914. […] Russians, I dare to suggest, would welcome it.”