· December, 2006

Stories about Humanitarian Response from December, 2006

Ukraine: Ruslana Against Human Trafficking

  27 December 2006

The Natashas – “a blog for those interested in fighting the scourge of human trafficking of women and men, girls and boys, especially for purposes of sexual exploitation” – posts a link to an anti-human trafficking video by Ukrainian pop singer and PM Ruslana.

Poland: Free Internet

  27 December 2006

Information Policy blog reports that the Polish government will be offering free internet service “to disadvantaged members of society in a bid to ensure that all citizens can have equal access to the constantly growing array of public services now available on-line.”

Sri Lanka: Two years after the Tsunami

  26 December 2006

Two years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami, there isn't too much noise in the respective blogospheres. LaneTop remembers the day, and wishes more had been done by the author. Another reaction here.

Bulgaria, Libya: Tripoli Six Death Sentence

  26 December 2006

Declan Butler writes about the Tripoli Six death sentence: “That is despite the fact that this was not a fair and impartial trial, and that the court refused to hear the considerable body of international scientific evidence that could exonerate the medics, and show that this is a typical hospital-borne...

Sri Lanka: Preparing for the Tsunami

  25 December 2006

LIRNEasia is apprehensive about a report in the UK press which claims that Sri Lanka is prepared well if a tsunami strikes. “The best-prepared country is Sri Lanka, one of those worst hit two years ago, which has a system of transmitting warnings through its police stations.”

Russia: Litvinovich on Beslan Report

  25 December 2006

David McDuff of A Step At A Time translates a piece by Marina Litvinovich, an activist and founder of the Truth of Beslan portal; she writes: “Another of the report’s conclusions is that 32 people took part in the school seizure, of whom 31 were killed and one has been...

Nepal: Going home

  22 December 2006

United We Blog! on the return of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Nepal. “However, most of the IDPs were disappointed over the government’s indifference. Following the beginning of the peace process, a total of 500 IDPs from the Rajhena camps have returned home.”

Nepal: The refugees from Bhutan

  20 December 2006

Democracy For Nepal on the 100,000 refugees from Bhutan. “The same chauvinistic thinking among the Nepali elite that has kept some five million Madhesis deprived of citizenship papers for decades worked among the Bhutani elite to kick these people out of Bhutan”

Haiti: Millennium Development Goals

  19 December 2006

Haiti Justice Blog refers to an article from the New York Times, which examines the ways in which the comfort of rich, developed countries “is, to a large extent the result of unfair extraction of wealth from poor countries; but more important, that wealthy countries could eliminate the worst forms...

A First Round-Up of the Sudanese Blogosphere

  16 December 2006

Today in the Sudanese blogosphere, we notice a variety of opinions on different topics. Black Kush from South Sudan has 2 posts entitled “How Egypt is woeing South Sudan” where you’ll find an interesting exchange between him and an Egyptian. It was no surprise when the news came out that...

Cambodia: Land Evictions

  14 December 2006

Mongkol links to videos of land eviction in Cambodia and says “It pains me to see how bad our poor people have suffered and how serious social inequality is getting”. The Cambodian government is ignoring the interest of the people and clearing land eying the investment it might bring in.

China: more on dog crack down

  13 December 2006

Beijing city government recently invited Chinese and foreign journalists to visit the dog impounding facilities which is set up for all the unlicensed dogs they've caught in their recent campaign. Peijin in Shanghaiist puts together some reports.

Arabisc: An Arab in Toronto and Arabs and Civilisation

  11 December 2006

Emirati blogger Osama is in North America..a place he never imagined he would ever travel to as long as George W Bush is the president of the US. لم أتخيل أبدا أنني سأنال الفرصة لزيارة القارة الأمريكية أبدا، فقبل عدة سنوات عندما كنت أدرس في الخارج قمت باستخراج تأشيرة خاصة...

China: chinese police

  11 December 2006

Lyn Jeffery at Virtual China blogs about a special section in a citizen journalist website, Molive/Moobol(zh), which collects both positive and negative on-the-scene photos of policemen

China: I have no legs

  10 December 2006

A lump of coal would actually come in handy for the cold souls in Petitioner Village this winter, judging from the stories told in The China Next Door, a photo montage posted at Beijing-based journalist Huang Zhangjin's Bokee blog, since deleted, but safe at his Bullog.cn space. 当你翻到本页时,相信你的眼光一定会在这里长久停留。这里的人你一定见过,当你急匆匆走过地下铁的通道,当你到某个政府办公楼去办事,也许某个角落就有他们的身影,他们在你不经意的余光里,在你匆匆的惊诧里。 他们是长久哀怨、悲愤的一群人,他们因某一意外而改变了人生轨迹,奔波于故乡和大都市,顽强地追逐一个说法、一个公正的梦想。他们是固执而又乐观的人群,他们日复一日地失望,年复一年地坚持,始终坚守着我们民族几千年来对”青天”和”人间自有公道”的一线信仰。 As...

Senegal: Migrants to Spain Repatriated

  9 December 2006

Le Pangolin provides an update on the status of Africans who have migrated to Spain on rafts in the thousands in the past year (Fr): “Spain, which in an initial phase had decided to welcome them under pressure from France and the UK, just changed its position and has hardened...

Taiwan: death penalty

  8 December 2006

Michael Turton blogs about Anmesty International's campaign to eliminate the death penalty in Taiwan with more background information.