· April, 2006

Stories about Human Rights from April, 2006

Nepal: Release by South Asia Forum for Human Rights

  25 April 2006

Drishtipat has a post with a release by the South Asia Forum for Human Rights on the developments in Nepal and the duties of various stakeholders - “It will not satisfy the demand for the establishment of a true democracy in the country, for the fulfillment of which the nation...

India: Death of a student

  24 April 2006

The Instant Me writes from Armenia on the death of the Indian student – “A fact that I would like to bring under, is that no one from the university, accompanied the body back to India. The reasons they gave was that a visa could not be made ready, and...

Iran:Women & Football

Zannevesht (Persian) says that according to IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency), Iranian President wants to give permission to women to go stadiums watching football matches.

China: Human rights news

  24 April 2006

Two interesting stories from the many this week on China Activist Weekly: statistics behind the country's death penalty and the hunger strike which following the Chinese New Year has seen many leading Chinese activists and intellectuals imprisoned, which last year's diplomatic defector to Australia Chen Yonglin calls “the biggest freedom...

Bangladesh Blog Buzz:

  24 April 2006

Shuvo Nobobarsho (Happy Bengali New Year) to everyone. Let us take a look into what the Bangladeshi blogs around the world are saying lately.

Bloglogue: US Dollars & Democracy in Iran!

Bloglogue’s first issue was about Iran in Media and several bloggers & non bloggers from different countries took part in discussion. Second issue is about a very hot issue: US 75 million dollars help to promote democracy in Iran. Five bloggers including two Americans, one Finnish and two Iranians joined...

Haiti: Sixth Anniversary of Jean Dominique's Assassination

  22 April 2006

To commemorate the 6th anniversary of slain Haitian journalist Jean Dominique's death, blogger AyitiCherieConnexion talks (FR) about his life, his death and Jonathan Demme's The Agronomist. The blogger also treats us to a slideshow of the human rights activist in action.

China: Hu's heckler footage

  21 April 2006

Chinese media guru Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei links to Youtube footage of Chinese president Hu Jintao being heckled at the White House late last week. “Are you nuts man?,” asks one reader. “You are going to get blocked.”

Belarus: “Public Repentance”

  21 April 2006

Iryna of TOL's Belarus Blog writes about “public repentance” taking place in Belarus now: “Students, who spent 10 to 15 days in prison after being arrested on the Square or during the March 25th demonstrations, are being forced to declare publicly that their legal participation in peaceful protests against election...

Bangladesh: Abducted in Dhaka

  20 April 2006

Bangladesh may have to explain its human rights record. Shobak on “On April 17th, Ehsanul Islam Sadequee was abducted by armed special forces police officers in Bangladesh.”

South Africa: Human Rights

  20 April 2006

South African blogger, The Front Line writes on the struggle for freedom and human rights…”There is no middle ground when it comes to injustice, there can be no compromise, no negotiation between two parties when one of the parties is being subjugated. It's unnatural, it's inhumane.”

Jedi elections. In Singapore?

  19 April 2006

mrbrown emphasises that his most recent podcast does not contain “explicit political content” because that is prohibited during the election period under the Singapore's Election Advertising Regulations. Instead it is about “a galaxy far far away” which happens to contain a complex civilisation holding elections.

Manila – blogging conference capital

  19 April 2006

In the Philippines many bloggers are, understandably, excited by not one but two conferences on blogging and the internet taking place in the capital Manila. In one part of town there is the second Philippine Blogging Summit iBlog2. Blogger disini judges it a success: We had more speakers (5 times...

DRC: Civil Society Criticizes Electoral Process

  19 April 2006

Congolese civil society (about 2o organizations) issued an indictment of various national and international institutions involved with the electoral process on Monday, writes (FR) Tony Katombe at Le Blog du Congolais. The statement specifically asked the international community to resist imposing an electoral process that might benefit them but harm...