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· January, 2007

Stories about Human Rights from January, 2007

Russia: Conversation With Litvinenko's Widow, Part 10

Bahrain Jails Political Activists

Syria May Abolish Capital Punishment

Iranian Bloggers Talk About Their Prison Experience

Many people for political reasons have been sent to prison in Iran. A few of those former prisoners shared their stories in books, through painting or in their blogs. Some...

Sudan: Muslims and Darfur

Nepal: Madhesh Is Burning

Madhesh is the southern plains of Nepal where half of the country lives. Madhesi are the people of Nepal, roughly half of the country. The Madhesi have been discriminated against...

Russia: Conversation With Litvinenko's Widow, Part 9

Serbia: Mladic and the EU

Maldives struggles with Chikungunya

Chikungunya, a viral fever accompanied with joint pains, is spreading throughout the Maldives. The disease was first noticed in the country in late 2006 and so far it has not...

Guinea: Victory over Dictatorship?

Africa: French Double-Standard Vis-a-Vis China

Serbia, Croatia: Bora Djordjevic Interview

Russia: Conversation With Litvinenko's Widow, Parts 6-8

Iran:Revolutionary Gurads say abducting Americans is easy

Bangladesh: Drugs, Sex Education, Freedom of Press, Winter Fruits and Vegetables and Man-Eating Tigers

There seems to be no stopping drug frenzy once it takes hold of a nation. Drishtipat Group Blog tells how Yabba, a speed/amphetamine derivative from Thailand is taking on Bangladesh....

Zimbabwe: latest on Zimbabwe

Africa: plight of being a homosexual

Crime and Punishment in Kazakhstan

Blogger's Trial Kazis Toguzbayev, a journalist who uploaded his articles on KUB, a group blog, was tried in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 22 January. In his article, Toguzbayev implied that the...

Iran:Journalists are out of jail

Turkey is Typing….a Follow-up on the Death of Hrant Dink

Today marks a first, well for me at least! Today's article is written in direct response to your wishes, dear reader. Last week, Turkey is Typing focuses on the Death...

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