· December, 2007

Stories about History from December, 2007

Russia: Oka, the Car

  13 December 2007

The Turkish Invasion writes about Oka car: “In Moscow, Oka cars are widely used by pizza delivery (since it is basically warmer than driving a bike in winter) and only a handful of enthusiasts remain who continue driving this car (Many Russians prefer taking easy bank loans and drive luxury...

Russia, Belarus: Putin's Visit

  13 December 2007

TOL's Belarus covers an attack on protesters against Putin's visit to Belarus and explain what could be the reasons for the visit: “That means that it is the Russian side that will ask for something.” Being Had writes about Russian-Belarusian relationship over the years.

Montserrat: Festival is 45!

  13 December 2007

Caribbean Beat Blog reports that despite the Soufriere Hills volcano eruption that began in 1995, the remaining inhabitants of the island are still celebrating their annual Montserrat Festival in style!

Barbados: BIM Magazine

  12 December 2007

Gallimaufry is “really excited to hear…about the relaunch of Bim magazine”, a publication that was instrumental in the development of West Indian literature.

The Balkans: Croatian Serbs

  11 December 2007

Balkan Anarchist writes at length about Croatian Serbs and their war experiences: “If someone were to ask me how I felt about what my Serbs, the Croatian Serbs, went through during the first half of the 1990s, I would answer them by saying, “heartbroken”. Heartbroken that those leaders who led...