· February, 2010

Stories about History from February, 2010

Laos: 450 Year Road

  5 February 2010

The 450 Year Road in Laos is now 80 percent complete. The road is built to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Vientiane as capital of the country.

Philippines: First Quarter Storm Library

  4 February 2010

The First Quarter Storm Library blog gathers images, articles, music, and other materials on the historic events of 1970 in the Philippines. This period refers to the series of mass actions spearheaded by students against the government.

A ‘climate of fear’ at the Thai-Burma border

  3 February 2010

Between 1.5-2 million Burmese refugees live in Thailand. For many reasons, this young, traumatized population knows little about reproductive health, which underscores the need for peer health educators and improvements in access to health care.

Cuba: Identifying with Mandela

  3 February 2010

Cuban diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense reports that “3 Cuban political prisoners this week delivered their congratulations to South African patriarch Nelson Mandela on this month's 20th anniversary of his release from prison”, and notes that they “identify with Mandela's own 27 years in prison, his lifelong struggle against an illegitimate...

Hungary: Re-Educating the Roma Population

  3 February 2010

Hungarian Spectrum writes that “the Roma (Gypsy) situation is the gravest social problem today in Hungary” and in “the whole region,” points out to similar problems in the United States in the 1960s, and describes a successful re-education project for some 60 Roma families living in the town of Monor.

Trinidad & Tobago: Shiva's “Fireflies”

  2 February 2010

Repeating Islands reports that “the late Shiva Naipaul, younger brother of V. S. Naipaul, has been put on the long list for the lost Man Booker Prize that seeks to honor books published in 1970.”

Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti: Tough Questions

  2 February 2010

“Our conversation begins and ends with Haiti, but digresses down some of the anxious paths my thoughts seem to trace these days”: Nicholas Laughlin has a chat with Scott McLemee.

Jamaica: Last of the “Drumblairs”

  2 February 2010

Geoffrey Philp acknowledges the passing of Albert Huie, the last survivor of the “Drumblair” group of intellectuals and artists that drove the national movement for Jamaican Independence.

Taiwan: Prison important for education

  2 February 2010

Brennpunkt Taipeh writes about the changes to the Jingmei Detention Centre over the past one and half years. He argues that the place is important for educating Taiwanese people about their history. The Jingmei site was used to detain political prisoners during the White Terror period in Taiwan.

Barbados, Haiti: Do the Right Thing

  1 February 2010

“If there is nothing as strong as an idea whose time has come, the notion of ‘debt forgiveness’ for Haiti has arrived in our time as a nine-point-five on whatever scale it is that measures compassion”: Blogging from Barbados, B.C. Pires thinks that CARICOM countries should be leading the charge...

Haiti, U.S.A.: Thoughts on a Take Over

  1 February 2010

Repeating Islands links to a mainstream media report claiming that Haitians want the U.S. to take over, a concept which the blogger finds odd: “I have been wondering how long it would take before the US press began to report that the Haitian population wanted the Americans to take over....

Vietnam: Dog meat restaurant

  1 February 2010

A Vietnam-based blogger writes about his recent visit to a dog meat restaurant in Hanoi. There are seven ways to cook dog in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

China: Anti-peaceful evolution and information freedom

  1 February 2010

Geremie R. Barmé from China Beat contextualizes the recent debate between China and U.S on Internet freedom around Google incident under the CCP's struggle against the peaceful evolution of its political system back in 1959 and 1989.