· June, 2010

Stories about History from June, 2010

Cuba: Cameras & Memory

  18 June 2010

Generation Y says that the “dozens, hundreds of cameras scattered throughout the city” are creating content that “will be stored in the visual memory of this country.”

South Africa: Tonight, it's not just a game

  16 June 2010

Bafana Bafana take on Uruguay tonight in their second Group A clash in FIFA 2010 World Cup. Bloggers as well as South African citizens are saying that the clash tonight is not just a game. June 16 is a special day for South Africa. It is Youth Day, which commemorates the Soweto Uprising that took place in 1976. It is also Zakumi's birthday.

Cuba: Letters to the Editor

  14 June 2010

Generation Y says that the Granma newspaper's “Letters to the Editor” section “has created the false impression that criticism is admissible and one can speak with ‘no holds barred’.”

Laos: Forced to buy bracelets?

  14 June 2010

To mark Vientiane's 450th anniversary this year, local authorities issued bracelets for distribution. But there are rumors that rural villagers are being forced to buy these bracelets.

South Korea: Understanding the Oil Spill From Painful Experience

  14 June 2010

As the BP oil spill disaster in the United States is reported in South Korea, numerous Korean bloggers, for whom painful memories of the deadliest oil spill in Korean history in 2007 remains fresh, are expressing their worries and sympathy to the oil spill victims. In December 2007, 2.7 million...

Global: Chances Team by Team at the 2010 World Cup

  11 June 2010

Hugo Albuquerque from O Descurvo blog writes [pt] about each and every national football team that will play in the 2010 Fifa World Cup describing the pros and cons of every one of them and also a little bit of each one's history on international matches.

Guyana: Rodney's Anniversary

  11 June 2010

Repeating Islands notes that this Sunday “will mark the 30th anniversary of the 1980 assassination of Water Rodney, who was killed by a bomb in the middle of Georgetown, Guyana.”

Haiti: Grass Roots

  10 June 2010

“Mainstream media sources in the United States have rarely mentioned this type of local organizing initiated by activists and every day Haitians”: Tande blogs about a few grassroots organisations doing important work in Haiti.

Brazil: “Why does not Brazil want to punish torturers?”

  9 June 2010

Leonardo Sakamoto asks [pt] a tough question that many Brazilians have posed to themselves: “Why does not Brazil want to punish torturers?”. He quotes a recent poll in which Brazilian population said that they do not want to punish those who tortured hundreds of people during the 1964 military dictatorship...

Timor Archives

  9 June 2010

Timor Archives blog is a project to “identify any privately-held Australian collections of documentary material on East Timor (1974-1999).”