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Stories about Health from July, 2011

Bermuda: Corruption in Motion?

  7 July 2011

As news breaks that the former Premier plans to open a new health agency with “the consultant who coordinated Dr Brown’s trip to India last year”, New Onion asks: “How is this not corruption?”

Trinidad & Tobago: Blood Donation

  5 July 2011

“What’s missing from the Blood Bank now is a readily shared message that will take people past the banking metaphor to a fresh and inspiring rationale for blood donation”: bitdepth blogs about donating blood and “the missteps of of the National Blood Transfusion Service over the last six months”.

The North Korea Food Aid Dilemma

  5 July 2011

On July 4, the European Commission pledged USD 14.5 million in emergency food aid to help impoverished North Koreans. The Opening Up North Korea blog posted an analysis on the timeless dilemma in aiding North Korea.

Poland: Citizen Initiative for Complete Abortion Ban

Some 600,000 people have signed a petition in support of the draft amendment to Poland's abortion law intending to ban abortion in Poland without exceptions – even when the life of a woman is threatened. Katarzyna Odrozek reviews online reactions of the supporters and opponents of the complete ban on abortion in Poland.

Cuba: Political Implications of Chavez’ Illness

  4 July 2011

“For several days, millions of people tried to decipher what happened in the hospital room where Hugo Chavez is resting. Because beyond the resilience of an individual, in that room is defined a part of the road map of this Island…”: Generation Y explains how “to care for Chavez is...

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