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Stories about Health from November, 2010

Haiti: Abuse of Power?

  11 November 2010

HaitiAnalysis.com republishes an article from a grassroots community development organization which wonders whether stabilization is actually a euphemism for subordination.

China: Gunshot incident

  11 November 2010

ESWN translated a local news story about a gunshot incident caused by the death of a woman during child delivery in a hospital in Huilai, Guangdong province.

Africa: What drives unsafe abortion in Africa?

  10 November 2010

What drives unsafe abortion in Africa?: “In our view two key factors ultimately sustain the persistence of unsafe abortion in Africa: the first is criminalisation of abortionwhich was inherited from colonial times, despite the fact that abortion has since been decriminalised in the “mother countries”, beginning with the United Kingdom...

Haiti: Tweets on Cholera Outbreak

  10 November 2010

Twitter updates on the cholera outbreak: @carelpedre gets news that the disease is spreading, while @MissionMANNA tweets a quote from the director of Haiti's health ministry suggesting that the situation is “now a matter of national security.”

U.S.V.I.: No-Smoking Legislation

  10 November 2010

The Department of Health neglected to hold enough committee meetings to make the no-smoking law a reality; Live De Life hopes that despite the delay, “the bar and restaurant owners choose to go ahead and put this in place now before the start of tourist season.”

Trinidad & Tobago: A Miracle for Judah

  9 November 2010

Plain Talk chronicles the experience of young Judah Lovell, a burn victim who has suffered through the local health care system and deserves “his over due happily ever after.”

Haiti: A life-saving video

  8 November 2010

San Francisco-based physician and blogger Dr. Jan Gurley has visited Haiti twice since the January 12 earthquake to volunteer her services. Her second visit coincided with the cholera outbreak that has claimed hundreds of lives and caused thousands more to be hospitalised since the first case appeared on October 19, 2010....

El Salvador: Debate on Women's Rights Heats Up

  5 November 2010

Voices from El Salvador's Weblog writes about the debate over women's rights in El Salvador, focusing on abortion and concluding that “it seems unlikely that El Salvador will seriously reconsider its abortion laws anytime soon.”

Nigeria: Partnership for Health II Conference

  5 November 2010

Follow online Partnership for Health II conference in Nigeria: “For those that cannot attend Nigeria: Partnership for Health II, we will be livestreaming the plenary sessions. To access the livestream, please go to http://www.livestream.com/nigeriahealth at 9.20 am (UK time) on 06/11/19″

Barbados: A Final Farewell

  4 November 2010

Barbadians paid their final respects to the late Prime Minister David Thompson this week. One of the youngest leaders in the region, Thompson passed away on October 23 from pancreatic cancer; a state funeral took place on Wednesday and bloggers took the opportunity to pay tribute to the man and his life's work.

Haiti: Where's the Relief?

  2 November 2010

“Relief is what earthquake victims desperately need right now to protect them from an oncoming hurricane. It’s what they’ve needed for the past ten months to make tent camps more livable”: Mediahacker points out a few critical ways in which “The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is lying to you.”

Southeast Asia: Interactive Sex Education Website

  2 November 2010

Established in July 2010 in Singapore, the website sexxie.tv is the world’s first and only sex education platform adopted by renowned doctors for interactive sex education. Unlike traditional sex education programs, sexxie.tv uses the online platform to reach its clients.

Russia: Photos of a Drug Addict's Regress

RuNet Echo  1 November 2010

LJ-user Roizman, Yekaterinburg political and anti-drug activist, posts pictures of Vika Zavalina, a drug addict. The series of pictures taken from 2004 to 2010 shows a shocking regress in the young woman's appearance. The post, which ends with Roizman's conclusion that compulsory drug treatment should be legally introduced, has gathered...

Dominican Republic: Taking Measures Against Cholera

  1 November 2010

The cholera outbreak has been expanding to the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. Experts from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) consider it a matter of time before cholera reaches Dominican territory. Bloggers react.

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