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Mexico: Concern Over Swine Flu Outbreak

  25 April 2009

Mexican health officials have become concerned with an outbreak of swine flu, which has caused the deaths of 68 in Mexico City, and another 1,000 have fallen ill. The outbreak prompted the closure of schools and the cancellation of many cultural events. On the streets of the capital, residents are taking precautions to avoid the virus and others are waiting to see if it spreads.

Caribbean: Earth Day

  22 April 2009

A few regional bloggers acknowledge the significance of Earth Day: Grenada's Spicewriter, Jamaica's Life, Unscripted, on the Rock and Bermuda's cartoon blog, The Devil Island.

Americas: 5th Summit Reactions

  20 April 2009

The much-hyped Fifth Summit of the Americas is now over, culminating with the Hemispheric leaders' adoption of the Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain - albeit with one signatory - the Prime Minister of host country Trinidad and Tobago, who purportedly signed on behalf of all participating leaders. This signaled to many a clear lack of unanimity on the final declaration, hardly surprising given the differing agendas of the 34 participating nations. Bloggers were quick to post their impressions of the three-day engagement.

Global Health: Twitter Face-Off To Fight Malaria

  20 April 2009

This past week Twitter became the newest weapon in the fight against malaria when American actor Ashton Kutcher challenged news network CNN to a race to get a million Twitter followers. The winner of the competition vowed to donate mosquito bed nets in time for World Malaria Day on April 25.

Morocco: Transport Strikes Leaves Morocco Crippled

Over the past week, a taxi strike across Morocco has left the country nearly immobile. Although Morocco has a decent train system and network of buses, many Moroccans - particularly in rural areas - rely on grande taxis to get from town to town, or to larger towns where they can then catch a bus. Peace Corps volunteers, who make up a large segment of English language blogs from Morocco, were particularly affected, as many of them live in towns that are not accessible by bus.

Haiti: Mounting Tensions

  17 April 2009

The Haitian Blogger identifies what he calls “the Forces aligned against Haiti's political, agricultural and economical sovereignty”, while My Life, an Open Book… is concerned about the mounting tension on the island in anticipation of this weekend's elections.

Israel: Can Yoga and Judaism Coexist?

There are potential problems for Jews who want to study yoga, but even its Buddhist teachings and Hindu chants can be justified as humanistic values and modified accordingly. “Hey, whatever floats your boat,” Israelity jests. “We’ve heard of kosher cell phones and kosher sex, so kosher yoga? Why not.”

Haiti: Donor's Conference

  16 April 2009

“When it comes to development, it is not a one day conference that matters most but long-term engagement”: Haiti Innovation reviews the recently concluded Haiti Donors Conference, while Haiti, Land of Freedom notes that “the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) plans to go forward with partial Senate elections this weekend.”

Bahamas: Health Care Paradigm

  15 April 2009

Larry Smith, writing at Bahama Pundit, says that “the government will soon propose major medical reforms”, but notes: “The big challenge today is to find a sustainable solution…we will have to change our frame of reference from over-reliance on tertiary medicine, which focuses on expensive hospital care, to lower-cost preventive...

Peru: Mass Sterilizations During Fujimori Term

  15 April 2009

After the sentencing of Peruvian ex-president Alberto Fujimori for crimes against humanity, Silvio Rendón of Gran Combo Club [es] summarizes the events behind the mass sterilizations of indigenous women without their consent during Fujimori's term.

Trinidad and Tobago: Saving the Mangrove

  14 April 2009

“Is Essar and mangrove destruction the best way forward and is melting steel the best way for a small country with only a few yeas of gas left to develop?”: This Beach Called Life encourages you to sign a petition to save “the Claxton Bay mangrove and the environment in...

China: Underage prostitution ring sparks public indignation

  14 April 2009

Teenage girls in high schools and even primary schools, being coaxed or threatened, were turned into prostitutes that serve local officials and teachers. The exposure of the entire prostitution ring in Xishui, Guizhou reveals the image of both moral and administrative degeneration of a Chinese town.

Jamaica: Debt Relief

  13 April 2009

Although Jamaica Salt reports that the island “has had some welcome relief from its huge, crippling debt”, the blogger is sceptical that the money saved will be channeled into the right areas.

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