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Stories about Health from November, 2008

China: Too much time online? You got psychosis.

  15 November 2008

Facebook, twitter, blog, facebook, email, online game, then blog, how long have you stayed online? If you have stared at your computer screen and clutched your mouse for over 6.13 hours a day, you are, I am sorry, a person of mental disorder according to the latest official definition in China.

Haiti: Dire Situation

  14 November 2008

Konbit Pou Ayiti says that “although most of the world has moved on from the tragic stories of the four powerful storms that thrashed Haiti in August and September, Haitians certainly have not. In Gonaives, people are still living on the roofs of homes that are covered in mud. In...

Haiti: Visiting the Victims

  13 November 2008

Blesh Family in Haiti makes a visit to the General Hospital where some of the victims of the Petionville school collapse were taken: “We are glad we went & it was nice to be able to get the kids to smile but the situation is so devastating. Many of the...

Egypt: Mother incriminated in a case of FGM

  12 November 2008

On May 23, in a post titled The Victimization of Egyptian Women and Children, I quoted Fantasia – a girl who dreams of a better future for Egyptian women – who wrote about the new laws that were being discussed to protect children in Egypt. The first of which was...

Philippines: Reproductive Health debate

  12 November 2008

Should the Philippine Congress approve the Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008? The Catholic Church opposes the measure. Many scholars and cause oriented groups are supporting it. What are the views of Filipino bloggers?

Cuba: Hospital Visit

  11 November 2008

“A bucket in one hand, a pillow under my arm, and a fan balanced on my hip”: Generation Y says that with hospitals in Cuba, “the patients’ families must bring everything.”

Obama's Victory: A Boost for Global Health?

  8 November 2008

As U.S. President-elect Barack Obama prepares for his four years in the White House, many are discussing how his term will impact health issues, globally and in the U.S., and if he will deliver on his campaign promises. As part of their campaign, Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden said...

Pakistan: A letter to the West

  6 November 2008

Mohammad Yusha at Chowrangi writes a letter to the West: “Time is money, dear West, and time is running out. More alcoholic beverages please. More stores. More. More. More.”

Ukraine: Harm Reduction and Law Enforcement

  6 November 2008

Harm reduction initiatives are gradually taking root in Ukraine, a country with one of the fastest growing HIV epidemics in Europe (e.g., the first methadone substitution therapy programs, still illegal in Russia, were introduced in Ukraine in 2004). But having the government's approval for such programs is not enough for them to succeed: for one thing, general public and law enforcement officials should be aware of the situation and of the efforts to change it for the better. Ukrainian blogger mazay writes about a recent attempt to educate a group of Kyiv police officers.

Cuba: Abortions

  3 November 2008

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez meets a young woman who has had four abortions in her twenty-three years: “I was rattled by her illusion of leaving all her problems—housing, love or immigration—in the operating room, and pointed out that they are no longer doing abortions in hospitals. The reason is that...

Bangladesh: A documentary on child birth

  3 November 2008

In the beauty of all the Earth posts a documentary video on child birth in the rural Bangladesh. The bloggers says: “I hope you will find the time to view it and get a glimpse at what life in Bangladesh is like. I think you will also get a sense...

South Africa: Using Cell Phones To Combat AIDS

  2 November 2008

South Africa has found a new weapon in its fight against HIV/AIDS – cell phones. A new initiative will be sending free text messages daily to encourage South Africans to get tested and treated for the disease. The project, called Project Masiluleke or Project M, was announced last week at...

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