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Stories about Health from September, 2008

Taiwan and China: Fury over poisoned powdered milk made in China

  15 September 2008

The powdered milk products, produced by the Sanlu (三鹿) Group in China, were found to be contaminated by melamine after hundreds of babies in China got sick with kidney stones. One baby in the Gansu province, China, died because of that. 25 tons of powered milk products manufactured by the...

Singapore: New rule for cigarettes

  12 September 2008

Singapore Customs announced yesterday that they are taking extra strides against illegal cigarette smoking. Beginning Jan. 1, 2009, in addition to the graphic warning labels that already line the shelves of 7-11s, every cigarette in Singapore will need to be marked with the letters SDPC. Bloggers – smokers and nonsmokers – react.

Haiti: Humanitarian Disaster

  11 September 2008

In the aftermath of three storms’ barrage on the island, Haitianalysis.com interviews Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of a group that provides free medical care in Haiti, who says: “I can honestly say that I have never seen anything as painful as what I just witnessed.”

Egypt: HIV in Egypt

  8 September 2008

“What Is It Like to Be HIV Positive in Egypt?,” blogger The Egypt guy, replies on a previous question in an interview with Ayman, an HIV-Positive Egyptian. The Egypt guy also highlights the sentencing of HIV patients in court in Egypt.

Egypt: Tragedy in Doweiqa

  8 September 2008

Egyptian bloggers are writing about the Doweiqa disaster, where more than 30 people were killed due to a rock slide. Could this incident have been avoided? And why does tragedy always hurt the most vulnerable of people?

Dominican Republic: Blood Donation Needed

  8 September 2008

Remolacha [es] is a popular blog in the Dominican Republic, which writes about national news and international entertainment. However, it also provides some public service, such as this post asking for urgent blood donation for a citizen.

East and South Asia: Suicide By Pesticide Ingestion Common

  6 September 2008

As World Suicide Prevention Day approaches on September 10, a new study reaffirms that suicide is frequently committed by ingesting pesticides in many Asian countries. The study analyzed preferred suicide methods across the world to help policy makers devise the best strategies for suicide prevention. On average, almost 3000 people...

Cote d'Ivoire: Toxic dumping case reaches court

  3 September 2008

L'actualite de Cote d'Ivoire writes that twelve people, including the head of Tommy, a local waste processing company, are set to appear before a court in Abidjan later this month; they are charged with “poisoning or conspiracy to poison” for illegally dumping 500 tons of toxic waste.  Tommy was under...

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