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Stories about Health from April, 2008

Southeast Asia: Rising price of rice

  12 April 2008

Rice is the staple food in Southeast Asia and in many parts of the world. Many people in Southeast Asia are worried over reports that rice is getting more expensive and supplies are dwindling. Bloggers discuss the impact of the rice crisis in the region.

Jamaica: Teenaged Sex

  11 April 2008

Blogging at Yardflex.com, Rootzgirl says: “Teenage sex is rampant, as is the increasing number of teenaged pregnancies…something needs to be done…before there is no hope for this generation.”

Bangladesh: Hidden Hunger

  10 April 2008

Unheard Voices Blog quotes UNDP which hit the panic button for Bangladesh last month: Skyrocketing oil prices have driven up the cost of food worldwide, but their impact has been particularly dire in Bangladesh, where almost half of the 145 million people live on less than one dollar a day....

Nigeria: Condom ban

  8 April 2008

An article about condom ban in Anambra, Nigeria: “It is now illegal to encourage the use of condoms in southeast Nigeria's Anambra State. The state government has also banned the advocacy and distribution of other forms of contraceptives including IUDs (intrauterine device) and any other “un-natural” birth control.”

South Africa: Deep roots of AIDS denialism

  7 April 2008

Pierre writes about the deep roots of AIDS denialism: “I have wondered for a long time, for example, why so few poor and black South Africans have spoken out against the HIV/Aids dissidence of President Thabo Mbeki and his Health Minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.”

Japan: Blogs a dangerous business?

  7 April 2008

Japanese blogger Akihito at Shirokuma Nikki picks up a New York Times article about the stress of 24/7 blogging, reflecting on the attraction of blogs as a medium to connect with other people, to immediately access responses to your own thoughts, and in some cases to reach a broad level...

Mexico: Smoking Ban in Effect

  6 April 2008

Chilanga Banda [es] and DFinitivo [es] write about the prohibition of smoking in enclosed places in Mexico City, which took effect this past weekend. The ban especially affects bars and restaurants.

Honduras: More on Contaminated Cantaloupes

  6 April 2008

La Gringa's Blogicito writes about the continuing controversy regarding contaminated cantaloupes in Honduras. The president Mel Zelaya reportedly ate a cantaloupe on the international news in order to prove that there was nothing wrong with this important export, but controversy arose whether he ate a honeydew instead.

Peru: The Nomadas Film Project

  3 April 2008

Cinencuentro [es] writes about the Nomadas project, a traveling film company that is currently located in the Southern part of Peru. Its objective is to promote Peruvian cinema and participates in health campaigns through the use of audiovisual tools.

Tonga: Muddy Water

  1 April 2008

The Tonga Review writes about a newly commissioned multi-million dollar water system that produces muddy water.

Venezuela: Poor Experiences at Caracas Clinic

  1 April 2008

Luis Carlos Díaz of Periodismo de Paz [es] recounts some of the bad experiences with care for his loved ones in the Sanatrix Clinc in Caracas, Venezuela and posts on his blog to draw attention to to the poor service. The blog post also shows up as the third result...

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