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Stories about Health from June, 2007

Ukraine: Elton John and Kids With AIDS

Michelle Knisley of Greetings from Kiev attended Elton John's AIDS awareness concert, along with approximately 200,000 other people. Before the concert, she happened to watch a TV clip about the orphanage she used to work at and recognized two girls with AIDS she once played with.

Dominica: Health Care Ranking

  15 June 2007

“When the world's wealthiest country, the U.S, ranks behind our small island, we must be doing something right.” Chris at Dominica Weekly is proud to learn that the World Health Organization ranks Dominica 35th in health care.

Cuba: Bloggers Speculate on Castro

  14 June 2007

“Biologically, has Fidel Castro's time expired?” asks Uncommon Sense, while Babalu Blog wonders if the presence of top foreign leaders in Cuba signifies “a last goodbye perhaps?”

China: Outside a hospital's doors

  14 June 2007

Lyn Jeffery from Virtual China translated a citizen report on the queue outside the door of Beijing Children Hospital because they want to save RMB20 cost of staying in the hospital at night.

Egypt: Doomsday Book

“22% of the Egyptian People are infected with Hepatitis C Virus or virus “C” as it is common between us in Egypt according to the WHO. Egypt is the 3rd country in the world to have the highest rate of cancer between Children and it will achieve a higher position...

Russia: Childbearing Costs

Russian Spy reports on why Russian women aren't too eager to have kids: “Delivering a baby in a hospital that provides services on commercial principles usually costs a minimum of 25,000 rubles (about $1,000). The amount of a monthly child benefit paid for 18 months has now increased more than...

Barbados: Mercury Alert

  12 June 2007

Barbados Free Press is all for saving electricity – but believes that consumers should be educated about the potential risks of using Compact Florescent Lamps: “The problem is mercury – a toxic element with a long history of causing death, insanity and incurable health problems. Where will the mercury-laced CFLs...

Ukraine: Kyiv Street Cleaners Get a Raise

Kyiv street cleaners - all 6,000 of them - will be getting $400 a month from now on. This raise, city administration officials hope, will help hire 3,500 more people needed to keep the Ukrainian capital tidy. Judging by a discussion that erupted after the Ukrainian news website Korrespondent.net ran an item on this salary increase initiative, Kyiv's laborer corps might soon become overstaffed - and many of the new recruits are likely to be overqualified for the humble yet arduous work of a street cleaner.

Arabeyes: Greedy Doctors, Cheating Spouses and Parliamentary Scuffles

Today's translation of Arabic blogs makes five stops: one each in Libya, Tunisia and Kuwait and two stops in Egypt to give us a gist of what some of the bloggers are writing about. Issues being discussed include how doctors put money before their patients' interests; cheating spouses; why Arabs are not progressing and the latest on why the Kuwaiti Parliament is in a shambles.

Egypt: Call for Pessimists

“Ok, the idea is simple, me and some of my friends started to notice how we have a different look on the world, more specific a pessimistic look. I was discussing with one of my pessimistic friends about creating a group to gather us and speak about our different ideas,...

Bulgaria: Preparing for Bush's Arrival

Eternal Remont writes about Bulgaria's baby boom – and “about the only possible topic of conversation in Sofia these days: Bush.” Preparations for the U.S. president's June 11 visit were painstaking: “For two days, Sofia will be under a blockade and everyone gets the day off. The highways will be...

Libya: Blogger's Son in Accident

“I hadn't seen Trabilsia, who has the blog Tripoli Ghibli online for a while and was wondering what was up. Finally got hold of her and found out that her son Tarek was in a serious car accident last Friday. He was in ICU for 2 days but is stable...

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