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Stories about Health from December, 2006

Senegal: Youth Crisis and Cultural Revolution

  9 December 2006

Le Pangolin blames (Fr) the mass emigration attempts of the young in Senegal and Africa and increasing prostitution among young women on a crisis affecting this majority age group. The blogger lists nine causes of the crisis including the lack of services for youth and for young women specifically, the...

Senegal: Contraception and the Imam's Daughter

  8 December 2006

At Blog Politique du Senegal, Senegalais Scientifique comments on a local news story about an Imam's daughter having a baby out of wedlock by a European(Fr): “the most unsettling part of the story is … not that she had a baby with a European … but rather that she got...

Philippines: Best Website in Blog Category

  8 December 2006

Filipina blogger at Touched by an Angel was chosed as the best website in blog category in the recent Philippine Web Awards.”this blog Touched by an Angel… Receiving the Best Website award is a bittersweet feeling. The theme of this blog is mainly about my grief journey. I’ve had websites,...

China: WTO and AIDS

  8 December 2006

Zeng Jinyan wrote a letters to AIDS volunteers about the potential threat for WTO TRIPS agreement on the supply of medicine to AIDS patients. She hopes that the Chinese government can do more to lower the price of AIDS’ medicine and protect the supply (zh).

Bosnia & Herzegovina: London Sevdah Emotional Issues

  7 December 2006

London Sevdah performers need “mindset training“: “To put it into context, many people from Bosnia have suffered badly during the war (and the same goes for some of London Sevdah members) and some of the biggest suffering has come in the form of long term (subtle) mental damage. This means...

China: Beijing bloggers drop the ball?

  7 December 2006

There's been a lot of response to police in the southern city of Shenzhen‘s decision late last month to put two hundred men and women arrested in connection with prostitution on display in the middle of a major intersection for public humiliation. For most bloggers, the questions an act like...

Arabisc: Prison Adventures and a Yemeni Cure for Aids!

  7 December 2006

Remember Egyptian blogger Abdul Kareem Nabeel Sulieman? Well, he is still being detained and investigated on five charges, which include incitement to hate Islam, spreading malicious rumours that disrupt public security and defaming the Egyptian President. From prison, Kareem smuggles notes for his friends to blog and tell the world...

Japan: metabolic ministers

  6 December 2006

Lee in Tokyo times reports two Japanese health ministers have started a website (with photos of their bellies) to document their fight against getting fatter.

Voices from Ghana

  6 December 2006

This week’s voices from Ghana remind us that Obruni (white or foreigner) bloggers in Ghana are well and truly getting used to the country for its problem. No country is without its particular problems, but for these bloggers, some are more acute and note-worthy than others. The first complaint lodged...

India: Dignity and Sanitary Napkins

  4 December 2006

Cuckoo's Call on making sanitary napkins for women more affordable. “The key challenge is to design an appropriate product and define the manufacturing technology and business model. I would prefer localised production across the country, with poor women in villages and urban slums securing gainful employment from this.”

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