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Stories about Health from August, 2006

India: Soft drinks

  3 August 2006

Amardeep in Sepia Mutiny discusses on the controversy over the pesticide content in Indian soft drinks. He accuses the authorities for the delay in setting the standards and suspects foul play.

Hong Kong: WHO

  2 August 2006

China government nominated former Hong Kong government official Dr. Margaret Chan to be the Chief of World Health Organization because of her experience in fighting SARS in Hong Kong. However, Martinoe says in his blog that: as a Hong Kong citizen he wants to write to members of WHO to...

Information Access in Russia; Hospice Work in Ukraine

  2 August 2006

Marina Litvinovich – LJ user abstract2001 and founder of PravdaBeslana.ru (Truth Of Beslan, a site that contains transcripts of Beslan-related trials as well as other information on the tragedy) – notes that it's significantly harder to ensure free access to information in Russia than it is in the United States...

Cuba: Fidel's location

  1 August 2006

On the basis of “information received directly from Cuba,” Fort Worth, Texas-based Dr. Eloy González identifies the location where Fidel Castro is said to be hospitalised.

Trinidad & Tobago: Replant the land

  1 August 2006

Attillah Springer has been an active and vocal participant in the movement protesting the establishment of an aluminium smelter in a community in southern Trinidad. Here, from her Flickr page, is an image taken during a tree-planting exercise undertaken in the area back in June: A Union villager looks on...

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