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Stories about Health from January, 2007

Botswana: Zebras4Life–Test4Life

  31 January 2007

Bots Blog.com writes about anti-Aids campaign in Botswana using soccer to attract men, Zebras4Life–Test4Life, “The Zebras4Life–Test4Life project was offically launched at a press conference at the national stadium on Monday, 22 January. The U.S. Ambassador, several footballers, the Minister of Labor and Home Affairs, Peace Corps Volunteers and other partners...

Maldives struggles with Chikungunya

  30 January 2007

Chikungunya, a viral fever accompanied with joint pains, is spreading throughout the Maldives. The disease was first noticed in the country in late 2006 and so far it has not been controlled. Maldives Today accuses the government of reacting slowly to this outbreak and not taking appropriate measures to combat...

China: university hospital

  30 January 2007

Kaie blogs about his experience in Beijing University's hospital, in particular the distribution use of medicine, to discuss about the possible impact of “government leading” medical reform. He concludes: government leading = unequal distribution + quantity rather than quality in medical treatment (zh). In the comment section, some disagreed with...

Slovenia: Hospital Experience

  26 January 2007

The Glory of Carniola is forced to spend one night at a Slovenian hospital with his daughter – and ends up hating the experience: “Unfortunately, the boy had pissed all over himself in the meantime. I felt bad for not having gotten the nurse sooner, but in a way he...

Poland: HIV and Politics

  25 January 2007

The beatroot writes about the politics surrounding the case of the African refugee infecting women with HIV: “This time it's not AIDS and gays, however, it’s AIDS and Africans.”

Ukraine: Solotvyno Salt Mine

  24 January 2007

Ukraine List writes about the Solotvyno Salt Mine, located near the Romanian border, home to the deepest speleotherapy facility in the world: “Speleotherapy in Solotvyno essentially uses the micro-climates in the underground salt mines to treat respiratory and lung ailments. […] Anywhere from three to five thousand people are treated...

Madagascar: Forest = Pharmacy

  19 January 2007

Says Harinjaka (Fr): “Malagasy forests are like medicine cabinets. You can find 75% of medicinal plants used in Madagascar. A vital ressource for those who, by and large, live tens of kilometers from the closest clinic.”

China: smoking ban

  18 January 2007

Dan Washburn in Shanghaiist reports about the smoking ban policy in major cities : If “World Cities” are banning smoking, then China must follow. It’s also relatively easy – much easier than say lowering toxic emissions or letting people CENSORED their government.

Ukraine: Hunters Discuss Yevhen Kushnaryov's Death

  17 January 2007

Evhen Kushnaryov, 55, former governor of Kharkiv region and the deputy faction leader of prime minister Victor Yanukovych‘s Party of Regions, died today from gunshot wounds suffered in a hunting incident Tuesday. According to media reports, Kushnaryov and approximately ten other men were on their way home after a day...

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