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Stories about Health from June, 2006

Sudan: Condoms hit

  30 June 2006

Sudanese Thinker - the condom debate finallys hits Sudan……”I think the UN should air drop hundreds of thousands of condoms on Sudan.”

South Africa: Sanitation woes

  30 June 2006

African Houseit on South Africa's sanitaton woes.…”South Africa's underfunded, badly managed sewage works in many towns are “ticking timebombs” that could lead to outbreaks of waterborne diseases, while drinking water in many rural towns fails to meet government health standards”

Botswana: Nata Village Blog

  30 June 2006

The Nata Village Blog writes a response to their readers on what the blog means to the people of Nata, Botswana They will be publishing personal reports from the Village over the next few weeks

Martinique: In the Closet to Officemates

  29 June 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] reveals (Fr) that she is not out to her officemates. However she admits that it is getting harder and harder to lead a double life and that she wonders how long she will be able to keep her secret to herself.

Lebanon: Medical Tourism

Raja describes his visit to what seems to be a tourism medical center. The first in Lebanon. The hospital feels like a five-star hotel. Family members take turns visiting their sick sibling, parent or child. While one or two are continuously present in the hospital, the others go shopping, head...

India: Baby in Bangalore

  29 June 2006

Sujatha has some notes on having a baby in Bangalore. For those of you considering having babies in Bangalore (especially those that have had babies in other countries and are wondering how your experience compares with that here), here are some quick notes

China: What expats read

  29 June 2006

What do expats in China most like to read? The ‘hottest blog’ for June at ChinaBlogList.org was Sex and Shanghai, a British man's explicit accounts of all the woman he has sex with.

China: Braving breast cancer

  28 June 2006

“They meet for tea and chip in,” writes OneManBandwith blogger Lonnie Hodge of a close group of terminal breast cancer patients in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou in ‘The China Cancer Report: Ms. Yue and the League of Extraordinary Chinese Women,’ “even though all their resources are meager…They become...

China: When cops tail you

  28 June 2006

MSN Spaces blogger Zeng Jinyan [zh], wife of prominent and oft-harassed AIDS activist Hu Jia, has been writing extensively of female reproductive rights activist Chen Guangcheng who was abducted by police earlier this year, the extensive police surveillance and tailing she's since been subject to and her very clever and...

Haiti: World Cup Used for AIDS Outreach

  28 June 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence writes (Fr): “Showing the Brazil v. Japan Football World Cup match, Gret/Haiti, in collaboration with the ministries of health and culture, UNFPA and the Gheskio Centers, organized an outreach session against STDs and AIDs in the shantytown of Jalousie in Petion-Ville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.”

Dell on Fire!

  23 June 2006

Gaston saw that a Dell laptop computer exploded into flames , at a conference in Japan. The damn thing was on fire and produced several explosions for more than five minutes…We'd suggest you avoid actually using a laptop on your lap. Ouch.

Botswana: HIV Implementers meeting

  23 June 2006

Blogswana reports on the 3rd Annual HIV/AIDS Implementers Meeting….”series of studies presented at the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief's annual meeting (this past week) suggested that men shouldn't be written off in fighting the disease”

Botswana: Nata village launched

  23 June 2006

NataVillage blog reports that Nata Village officially launched.….”Everyone in attendance was proud that Nata is the 1st village in Botswana with it’s own website! At the conclusion of the program, Mr. Tiro provided lunch for the reporters who travelled 120 miles from Francistown to cover our event.”

Martinique: Coming Out Advice

  22 June 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] encourages (Fr) local lesbians to accept their sexuality: “Know that being homosexual doesn't rime (no longer rimes?) with being unhappy (…) If one day (…) “they ” find out, they'll gossip one, two (three???) months then less and less, then from time to time and then...

Philippines: Get Happy, Get Babies

  21 June 2006

Dr. Emer at parallel universes blog is asking Filipino couple who are having a hard time having children to relax. The blogger is pointing to a news article that claims that relaxing and lowering stress helps. The bloggers also talks about the high fertility rate in the Philippines. A comment...

Russia: Causes of Death Statistics

The Poster of Ruminations on Russia cites Russians’ causes of death statistics from 1980 to 2004: “Delighted to see that less people are dying of “accidental alcohol poisoning” – that would be drinking themselves to death to you and I.”

Japan: Smoking minors penalized

  21 June 2006

“No Smooking,” says a misspelt sign posted by JP at Japundit, preceded by a post telling of a mother in Japan charged for neglecting the law which makes her two sons’ smoking illegal.

Cuba: Donor agency head imprisoned

  21 June 2006

Medicina Cubana links to a news story about the sudden imprisonment in Cuba of a US citizen who runs an organisation which, for several years, has been sending donated medical equipment to Cuba: “In retrospect, Schwag, 53, thinks he might have run afoul of high-ranking Cuban officials who might have...

Bangladesh: Children in the developing world

  20 June 2006

Mash at Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying reflects on the recent illness of his little daughter and illness in the developing world – “It takes only commitment and some resources from the developed world. The $10 billion we spend every month in Iraq could instead change the face...

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