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Stories about Health from April, 2006

Africa: Malaria nets

  28 April 2006

Yebo Gogo reports on an advert on the back pages of the US journal Sports Illustrated that is asking for donations towards the purchase of malaria nets for Africa. He estimates that with a readership of 23 million at $20 each would equal $460 million = 46 million nets!

Little East Timorese girl's heart operation a success

  28 April 2006

Meandarings has a post on Maria Soares, the little East Timorese girl who was operated on to repair a hole in her heart. Doctors at Sydney Children's hospital volunteered to perform the operation after they read about her on an Australian newspaper.

Africa: Malaria Day

  27 April 2006

Adventures of a Retired Armchair Traveller reminds us that last Tuesday 25th of April was Malaria Day….An estimated 1 million children below the age of 5 die from malaria every year.

Ukraine: One Man's Chernobyl 20 Years On

  24 April 2006

Stefan at Dykun writes about a Ukrainian relative who was sent to work in Chernobyl 20 years ago: he's in his 40s now but walks with a cane. “Mykhajlo wears what must count as the thickest glasses ever worn by a human being–they should definitely find a place in a...

Nigeria: herbal medicines

  21 April 2006

Naijablog posts on the increased use of herbal medicines (Chinese and indigenous) in Nigeria where several companies have started to acquire licensing for their products.

Trinidad & Tobago: Smelter news

  20 April 2006

At the Rights Action Group T&T blog, set up to aggregate the dialogue around a controversial aluminium smelter project in southern Trinidad, an article on the non-attendance of a the National Energy Corporation chairman at an important meeting, a discussion of the environmental impact of a smelter on a community...

Botswana: Nata Village blog

  20 April 2006

The Nata Village is an NGO blog on Nata, a village in Botswana where 37% of the population are HIV+. “This website is dedicated to the people of Nata who despite enormous losses and challenges still have the courage and determination to fight the ravages of this pandemic.” There are...

Ukraine: Coalition Building and AIDS Project Suspension

  20 April 2006

LEvko of Foreign Notes and Dan McMinn of Orange Ukraine both write about the treacherous world of Ukrainian politics. Dan also has this item, unrelated to the post-election coalition building and thus most likely doomed to be soon forgotten: “Bad news: The World Bank suspended a big AIDS project in...


  18 April 2006

Adventures of a Retired Armchair Traveler points to two reports on changes in the church's approach to HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The bad news is couples wanting to get married must be first be tested for HIV. The good news is that a netword of religious groups...

Russia: Chechen Children's Mysterious Illness

  14 April 2006

Bob Granico of Publius Pundit is calling to international health organizations to examine the Chechen children affected by a mysterious illness and investigate its causes: “Given that the children are not recovering, and that there is so much distrust on both sides of the issue, outside medical help is drastically...

Indonesia vs. China

  14 April 2006

Sarapan Ekonomi argues that Indonesia's acheivements in economic growth and family planning are not too bad when compared to those of China's.

Polish Blogosphere Update

  13 April 2006

On the literary front, As the Warsaw Crow Flies notes the death of Polish author Stanislaw Lem. On Lem, Warsaw Crow writes: Having only read his novel Solaris, I can't say I'm at all familiar with his work. But from that one book it was clear just what an exceptionally...

Africa:Overstating AIDS

  12 April 2006

My Hearts in Accra comments on the presentation of AIDS in Africa and the tendency to misrepresent the actual figures… Africa is hurt in some complicated ways by the reinforcement of the equation “Africa = AIDS”…..How hard will we have to work to get people to understand what the crisis...

Lesotho: HIV campaign

  10 April 2006

Msansi Afrika comments on the “Know your Status” HIV/AIDS campaign launched by the government of Lesotho…”The ‘Know Your Status’ campaign will not succeed without your willing participation. Get tested, and encourage your friends to get tested, too.”

Caribbean: Animal welfare

  7 April 2006

At the Caribbean Beat Weblog, Sabrina searches on the internet for help with a sick stray dog and finds Caribbean Animal Welfare, a web site offering information and resources for Caribbean organisations, including reports on the plight of animals after hurricanes.

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