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Stories about Health from March, 2006

Battling HIV/AIDS

  31 March 2006

The Concoction appears to disagree with former US president Bill Clinton when he calls for mandatory testing for HIV/AIDS. It also tells of what it calls “brave Catholics” in South Africa who are going against Vatican teachings and advocating the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Trinidad & Tobago: No smelter

  29 March 2006

Elspeth Duncan summarises the commentary on the aluminium smelter being planned for a community in south Trinidad and the protests about it and posts some photos from Sunday's march at her Flickr page. She also posts a conceptual video she has produced to raise awareness of the issue. Attillah Springer...

China: Hu Jia, Day 36

  23 March 2006

feng37 translates the latest post from Zeng Jinyan, wife of AIDS activist Hu Jia, who went missing, believed detained, 36 days ago. Original Chinese post here.

India: Polio

  23 March 2006

Balancing Life on polio in the subcontinent - “It remains a major problem in 9 countries. What’s common between them all? Extremely high populations living in relatively squalid conditions, in extreme poverty. And the sub-continent, especially India and Bangladesh, remain at the very heart of the disease.”

Barbados: Avian flu prep

  23 March 2006

Barbados is preparing for the possibility of an avian flu outbreak by stockpiling the drug Tamiflu, says Linda Thompkins.

Japan, China: Organ Market

  22 March 2006

OhmyNews! reports that a growing number of Japanese are seeking organ transplants in China, where lax regulations and a high number of executions make organs available for desperate buyers.

Egypt: First human death from the H5N1

Amal the poor Egyptian peasant from Kalyoubia was the first human victim in Egypt to be infected by H5N1 and die from the deadly virus , something that must put the whole country whether the people or the government in an alert state. This diseaster opens 1000 doors of chambers...

Singapore: Suicide Watch

  17 March 2006

Singapore Election Watch discusses the disturbing trend of Singapore's suicide rate. In the famously safe country, it's now one of the top three causes of death.

Ghana: Plastic surgery project

  17 March 2006

My Hearts in Accra points to a project called “The Ghana Plastic Surgery Project“” The center at Korle-Bu is the first center for plastic and reconstructive surgery in West Africa and is helping train doctors from around the region in carrying out critical surgeries. The NYU students are raising money...

Malaysia, Singapore: Eye Scare

  16 March 2006

Jeff Ooi at Screenshots has been following a health scare in Malaysia and Singapore over contact lens solution that is apparently causing blinding fungal infections in people's eyes. The trail starts here.

Ukraine: Playing Run-and-Chase in Pediatrics Dept.

  16 March 2006

A Malaysian medical student posts pictures of spring snow in Simferopol, the capital of Ukraine's warmest region, Crimea. Also, there are pictures from another pediatrics class that evolved into “playing run and chase” with Ukrainian kids: “As usual, Fridays give us a multitude of wonderful feeling and joy as we...

Zimbabwe: Quality of sanitary towels

  16 March 2006

This is Zimbabwe reports on the governments decision to “quality test” sanitary towels” that have been donated during an international appeal….”At the moment Zimbabwean women are forced to use newspaper and toilet paper; those in the rural areas are apparently resorting to leaves and tree bark! And apparently this is...

South Africa: Jacob Zuma

  15 March 2006

Mzansi Afrika comments on the Jacob Zuma trial from a slightly different angle. Zuma knowning had unsafe sex with someone he knew was HIV+...”Whether he raped her not, he still knowingly went into a situation whereby he willingly engaged in sexual intercourse with a women that he knew to be...

Indonesia: Warnings for Women

  14 March 2006

Noting that more and more women are starting to smoke, Indonesia Anonymus suggests some alternative warning labels that could scare off as many women as men.

Polish Blogosphere Update

  13 March 2006

Don't ever lose your wallet in Poland, especially if it contains your bank card – that's the lesson gleaned from expat Wendy Lady of The Poland Diaries. After reading about her ordeal to a open a bank account, I have concluded that Eurocrats can learn a thing or two from...

Nigeria: Antiretroviral drug programme

  13 March 2006

Kids Doc in Jos explains some of the issues around antiretroviral (ARV) drug regimes – the need to take every dose as missing one will have a critical effect and how the virus operates. He also reports on the progress of baby Paul who has been on an antiretroviral (ARV)...

South Africa: Sanitation Week

  10 March 2006

This week is santation week in South Africa and the government has promised to eradicate bucket toilet systems by the year 2007. African Houseit “”We have set targets especially on bucket system and we are saying that by 2007 we would have eradicated all the buckets that we have in...

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