· October, 2008

Stories about Governance from October, 2008

Malaysian Media Council: Double handcuffs or media freedom?

  25 October 2008

Amidst a number of recent journalistic blunders, Malaysia’s Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar, announced that the government has full intention of establishing a national media policy, together with a regulatory body over Malaysian media. Syed Hamid said that that a policy is currently being drafted and also that the foundations...

Ukraine: Politics Versus the Economy

  25 October 2008

Ukraine's tumultuous internal politics has long stood in the way of the country's economic development - and even now, at the time of an economic crisis, there seems to be no sign of respite. Below is what some English-language bloggers have to say about the current situation.

Iraq: Assassination for All Iraqi Interpreters!!!

  24 October 2008

This is the view that Iraqi Interpreter took of a decision made by the commander of the Multinational Forces in Iraq. Under a new rule, Iraqis who work alongside American soldiers as interpreters are to be required to not cover their face while they take part in operations with the US military.

Bermuda: Speech, Boy!

  24 October 2008

The Premier of Bermuda makes a speech that leaves Vexed Bermoothes and Catch a fire feeling a bit disconcerted.

Nepal: Armed conflict continues

  24 October 2008

ABC – Voices Sans Borders reports from Nepal: “The role of some Madhesi leaders & intellectuals seems even more dubious who threaten of launching ‘another revolution’ while bargaining with the government for some key positions in the state machinery.”

Bangladesh: An award winning E-governance site

  23 October 2008

The Brook Song (ঝর্ণার গান) reports that a Bangladeshi site “Votebd.org” won the Manthan Award 2008 on E-Governance category. The site tracks all the information related to contesting politicians and makes it available to people of Bangladesh.

Sri Lanka: Upholding the law

  22 October 2008

The Under Dog writes in the Sri Lankan citizen journalism initiative Groundviews: It was the failure to uphold the law (in Sri Lanka) back in the late eighties that caused that period of terror, and has also caused the ethnic conflict that rages today.”

Bermuda: Local Sport

  22 October 2008

Blogging from Bermuda, Vexed Bermoothes says that when it comes to developing sport and upgrading athletic facilities, the key is to “think local”.

Russia, Ukraine: Financial Crisis

  21 October 2008

IZO cites a post by LJ.Rossia.org user mrparker (RUS) about a somewhat panicky mistranslation of a Reuters news item on the financial situation by a Russian news agency. Also, a few notes on the banks, real estate and contemporary art in Ukraine.

India: Regional chauvinism growing and no one to stop it!

  21 October 2008

Terrorism and nationalism on a regional scale are now spreading in India. The latest region which appeared in the headlines is the state of Maharashtra. Right wing politician Raj Thackeray had so far been mostly using only words to promote regional chauvinism and threatening non-Maharashtrian people who are living and...

Botswana: Mogae Receives The Mo Ibrahim Award

  21 October 2008

The Mo Ibrahim Award goes to the former President of Botswana: “Mogae becomes the second recipient of the prestigious annual award. The Mo Ibrahim Award is the biggest individual prize in the world. The inaugural prize went to former Mozambican President Joachim Chisano last year.”

Thailand/Cambodia: Conflict over Preah Vihear Temple (Part II)

  20 October 2008

Who owns the historic Preah Vihear Temple – Cambodia or Thailand? Both countries are asserting ownership rights over the temple which led to a border clash last week. Several soldiers were killed and wounded during the fighting. Both countries have since then agreed to talk. But the problem is far...

Bangladesh: Milk and Melamine

  20 October 2008

Bangladesh corporate blog takes a satirical look at the controversy regarding the recent findings of melamine tainted milk powder in Bangladesh market and the government's inability to take quick actions against them.

Nepal: Integrating Guerrilla Army

  20 October 2008

ABC – Voices Sans Borders discusses about the recent controversy in Nepal on the proposed integration of Maoist & Madhesi guerrilla armies into the National Army.

China: City Mayor Responds To Internet Rumor

  20 October 2008

ESWN translates a comment article on the different attitudes of government officials to Internet rumor; the Changzhou city mayor won public praise with his public responds online on a rumor against him.

Jamaica: Anti-Corruption Crusade

  20 October 2008

Kadene Porter of Abeng News Magazine blogs about Jamaica's Commissioner of Customs, who seems intent on rooting out corruption in his department: “He will need not only the unequivocal backing of the government, but the full support of the public and the endorsement of opinion leaders in the society.”