· June, 2006

Stories about Freedom of Speech from June, 2006

Egypt: Rights lawyer remembered

As activists in Egypt continue to demand an independent judiciary Baheyya celebrates the life of the recently deceased campaigning lawyer Ahmed Nbil al Hilali. In his lifetime, he was christened “the saint of the national movement,” the “liberties lawyer,” and “the Egyptian people’s advocate,” since he spent nearly all of...

South Africa: SABC blacklist

  21 June 2006

Politics.za notes that there have been reports of “further self censorship” within the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and that a list of those no longer welcome to appear on SABC's current affairs and news shows has been drawn up by SABC's Head of News.

Iran: Former deputy in jail!

According to Ahmad Shirzad, Mr.Akbar Mousavi Khoiniha, former deputy of Parliament, is the only one who is not released from prison after 12 June demonstration. The blogger says Khoiniha was his colleague in Parliament and he was very active to discover underground and non declared prisons running out of reformist...

Aung San Suu Kyi's Birthday in Detention

  20 June 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNG SAN SUU KYI Originally uploaded by Ennor. As Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi spends yet another birthday in detention, online users are marking her birthday. Dr. Tyza at Burma Digest says We are celebrating you birthday all over the world. We, the citizens of the...

Polish Blogosphere Roundup

With almost 20,000 names (and counting) added to a digital petition against a restrictive DRM (Digital Rights Management) bill in the Polish legislature, Poland IP news and resources reports that: Under the heavy critique of the public opinion the Ministry of Culture withdrew some most criticized provisions (inter alia changes...

China: Voodoo Doll online

  18 June 2006

Earlier this year ESWN explained how voodoo doll were banned in China. Letters from China notes that netizens have moved the culture online: a click means a pin!

Truth and Consequences

The first thing that struck me as I passed by the Press Syndicate earlier this week to eavesdrop on a meeting of Egyptian bloggers was the Central Security trucks parked around the corner. The steel police barriers around the sidewalk and steps of the Syndicate were lightly manned by a...

Bahamas: “Brokeback” and censorship

  16 June 2006

Nassau Bahamas Vacation reports that a group of lecturers at the College of Bahamas were refused permission by the Plays and Films Control Board to screen the film “Brokeback Mountain” in the context of a public lecture on the topic “Church, State and Human Rights: The Politics of Censorship”. “Brokeback...

China: Google.cn moved to Beijing

  15 June 2006

Williamlong explains that earlier this month internet users could not access google.cn. Now the server is moved to Beijing. It implies that google.cn will be more stable by subjecting itself to the list of censored keywords (zh).

Poland: Homophobia and the EU's Mild Response

Srdjan Cvijic of The TransAtlantic Assembly writes about the EU's unfairly mild reaction to homophobia and intolerance in Poland: “More importantly, the case of Poland, and the mild reaction of other member states, directly compromise the EU enlargement and foreign policy. How can the EU pretend to demand from the...

Poland: Warsaw Equality Parade

The beatroot posts Joseph Vogt's pictures from the Equality Parade that took place in Warsaw on June 10, and writes about the event that drew from 2,000 to 10,000 people: “Unlike similar marches in Poznan and Krakow which ended in bloody violence, this demonstration was peaceful and pleasant.” Becca Steel...

Hong Kong: debate over questionable poll

  14 June 2006

The Commerical Radio in Hong Kong launched a questionable poll on “the female artists they would most like to indecently assault” and resulted in a joint protest by woman organizations. The poll was eventually banned and the programme were suspended for two months. It resulted in an online petition against...

Egypt: Solidarity events planned tomorrow

Hossam el-Hamalawy reports that the Liberties’ Committee has called for a stand in solidarity with detained journalists and activists tomorrow Thursday 12 noon, at the Press Syndicate. At 1pm, activists will also assemble in front of the General Prosecutor’s office to demand the release of the detainees.

China: Revolution's victims’ stories blogged, not forgotten (1/4)

  14 June 2006

For a good number of years, Sichuan-based blogger-journalist Ran Yunfei (冉云飞) has been collecting the stories of those persecuted as right wing elements during the Cultural Revolution, another part of Chinese contemporary history largely left unexplored even to this day. Early this year Ran began posting his research findings on...

China: the dissoluteness of Olympic building chief

  14 June 2006

ESWN compared the reports in Mainland China and Overseas media concerning the corruption case of Beijing vice Mayor Liu Zhihua (the Olympic building chief). The former described his conduct by terms like “dissoluteness” and “degeneration” without much explanation. No comments and discussions were allowed in internet forum. Overseas media found...

Pressuring change through blogging II

  14 June 2006

A late addition to the issue concerning pressuring change in the government through blogging is Zul Funkmasta. He postulates that not only the education system that does not encourage voicing out ideas, but it is also the Bruneian culture of discouraging the voicing out of ideas, concerns and criticisms. We...

Violence, Policewomen & Football

According to the media and several blogs police in Iran have beaten and arrested tens of people after a group of women activists tried to hold a demonstration asking for greater legal rights in a square of the capital Tehran on Monday 12 June. Several bloggers have reported about this...

Pressuring change through blogging

  13 June 2006

Following the quote I took from Brunei Resources's blog;  "We (the government) require pressure from outside and this is where blog readers can come in to help spread the knowledge." and my subsequent call for more Bruneian Bloggers to help aid progress in the country; "If only there are more...