· February, 2006

Stories about Freedom of Speech from February, 2006

Belarus: Elections and the Atmosphere of Fear

  28 February 2006

Tobias Ljungvall writes about the beginning of the election campaign in Belarus, the backlash against the opposition, and the atmosphere of fear reported by Gunnel Arbin, a Swedish journalist who has recently traveled to Belarus. Among the scare techniques used by the regime is a new article in the criminal...

Afghan Whispers

  27 February 2006

Afghan Reality encourages foreign forces such as Canadian soldiers stay in Afghanistan. The blogger says “Security. Security. Security. This is a persistent call for international assistance from the Afghan government, civil society and most importantly from the ordinary Afghans. How could peace and stability be envisaged without reassuring the safety...

Malaysia: Blogger Probe

  27 February 2006

Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi looks like he might be investigated for his coverage of a local controversy over an allegedly disrespectful cartoon published in the New Straits Times. He writes: “Let the law take its course and let justice be seen to be done.”

Kenya: press freedom

  24 February 2006

You Missed This reports that the Kenyan government has used an old colonial law to charge the entire staff of the “Weekly Citizen with publishing an alarming report. All 11 of them — the accountants, the messengers, the whole lot.

Indonesia: Terrorist Blogger

  23 February 2006

A. Fatih Syuhud asks: “Are you the terrorist blogger?” He writes: “Blogging should be made use for advocating peace at heart and mind, not only for the sake of blogging and attracting traffic by making any provocative statements in the name of freedom of expression.”

Malaysia: Its Own Cartoon Kerfuffle

  23 February 2006

Malaysia's paper-of-record, the New Straits Times, has gotten into its own cartoon controversy after running a syndicated strip on its funny pages critiquing the Danish cartoon controversy. The government has demanded an explanation from its editors and demonstrations against the NST are apparently planned. Jeff Ooi's Screenshots has been following...

Malaysia: Fairness of Freedom

  22 February 2006

Ktemoc Konsiders notes the irony of the imprisonment of a British holocaust denier against the background of the Danish cartoon controversy: “The Europeans must now shut their mouths up, and cease their hypocritical pontifications of the ‘freedom of expression’, and accord to Muslims the considerations of sensitivity that they have...

Non Violence, Conservatism & Human Rights

  21 February 2006

Fanousian , a collective blog, has done an interview with Dr. Brian Martin writer in nonviolence, and associate professor in Science, Technology and Society at the University of Wollongong. This blog has already focused on non violence movement for couple of months. It is fascinating that bloggers not only provide...

The silencing of Cayman Cop

  21 February 2006

Finally — a Caribbean blogging controversy. Involving a blogging policeman, a local newspaper and a witch hunt by an irate constabulary. In — of all places — the mild-mannered Cayman Islands. On February 18, popular Jamaican blogger Mad Bull, who lives in Grand Cayman, reported that the activities of two...

Democracy on Tabloid?

  21 February 2006

On The View from Taiwan, Michael Turton and readers discuss how Apple Daily, the top selling tabloid newspaper in Hong Kong and Taiwan, reflects the regions’ democracy, freedom of speech and cultural spirit.

Russia: 50th Anniversary of Khrushchev's Speech

  21 February 2006

Nikita Khrushchev began the process of de-Stalinization 50 years ago, with a speech given at the 20th Communist Party Congress, held February 14-25, 1956. Sean Guillory of Sean's Russia Blog discusses the event's significance and reviews the coverage of the anniversary. He also reproduces parts of an interview with Sergo...

Afghan Whispers: Civil Society, Corruption & Secularism

  20 February 2006

Safrang writes about civil society in Afghanistan : “As the world is becoming a small but global village such proceedings not only entails scattering within the human family but also undermines the efforts for peace and solidarity around the globe. The civil society of Afghanistan, likewise, does not consider resorting...

All Quiet on The Chinese Front

  20 February 2006

The topic of Internet and press censorship in China continued to draw heated debate after the US congressional hearing on this issue last week. Rebecca MacKinnon wrote a comprehensive review of discussions among the English-language blogs on China. She also quoted from two well-known Chinese-language bloggers – Anti and Keso....

Political Posture on China in the US Congress

  17 February 2006

US Congressman Tom Lantos sharply criticized the US hi-tech firms for helping the Chinese government censor the Internet at Wedn's congressional hearing. Chinese blogger Keso compares that to Chinese government's insistence that no one has ever been arrested due to speech on the Internet. He considers both “political postures”, and...

How to Take a Stand on Censorship in China?

  17 February 2006

In PowerPoint bullet-point style, Beijing Loafer explains on Beijing or Bust the many complex issues on the topic of Internet censorship in China and why it is difficult for him to take a firm stand on this.

Bahrain: When my People ban the Valentine

  16 February 2006

Mohammed wasn’t so surprised to see a handwritten sign displayed at one of the busiest roads in Bahrain calling for the ban of valentine in collaboration with the recent Danish boycott calls. “Why is it that we Muslims keep mounting up the barrier between our cultures and the rest of...

No Chinese Arrested for Internet Writing?

  16 February 2006

People's Daily, the propaganda mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, recently published a piece in which a Chinese official claimed “No Chinese has arrested for Internet writing”. The Chinese blogosphere reacted with sarcasm. Danwai translated a comment on a Chinese blog, Massage Milk: “You see, our democracy has unparalleled advantages...

Joint-Declaration Advocating Press Freedom in China

  15 February 2006

Richard points out on Peking Duck that contrary to popular belief, some Chinese do care about freedom of speech. Foreign media are prominently reporting the joint declaration signed by 13 senior intellectuals and retired officials protesting press censorship in China.

Band Cancels Polish Tour

  14 February 2006

The Beatroot writes that a Swedish “death metal” band has decided to cancel its Polish tour, fearing legal action. A precedent was set two years ago, when a Norwegian “black metal” band was charged with causing “religious offense” after a concert in Krakow.

A Near Sighted Attack on The Chinese Way?

  14 February 2006

On Wedn Feb 15th, the US Congress will review the roles that US hi-tech firms are playing in China's Internet censorship. In “Truth, Justice or A Near Sighted Attack on The Chinese Way”, Angry Chinese Blogger gives a comprehensive overview of the issues at stake and the motives at play.