· January, 2006

Stories about Freedom of Speech from January, 2006

Indonesia: Off Air

  25 January 2006

Jakartass comments on Indonesia's new broadcast law, which bans local radio stations “relay”-ing foreign news programs. “I cannot determine the reasoning behind the new Broadcast Law, although I suspect that it may be an attempt by the Suhartoist élite to hang on to their ill-gotten gains,” he writes. “If so,...

Google.cn in China

  25 January 2006

Google, the online web search giant, launched its Chinese version of services with new domain, Google.cn. Formerly this domain would be redirected to http://www.google.com/ig?hl=zh-CN, a Chinese version of Google Search based in US. This services, according to various sources(1,2,3), has censored many content and websites in comply with Chinese government...

Demand Freedom of Expression in Cambodia Campaign

  11 January 2006

The Cambodian Government's actions to silence critics of the ruling party rang in the New Year with the arrests Human Rights activists Kem Sokha, Yeng Virak and Pa Nguon Teang. The arrests were prompted by banners displayed on Human Rights Day held on December 10, 2005. These newly detained activists...

China: Beijing News

  5 January 2006

More on media crackdowns in China: Letters from China has been following the uproar on the heels of the sacking of the editor of feisty tabloid Beijing News, including ongoing coverage of one possible victim, blogger Michael Anti, who supported the tabloid and who MSN Spaces recently shut down. Rebecca...

Reactions to Arrest of Cambodian Human Rights Activist Kem Sokha

  2 January 2006

Photo of Kem Sokha via VOA Via Jinja who points to this AP wire story about the arrest of the Kem Sokha, Cambodian Center for Human Rights.   It confirms that Yeng Virak, head of the Community Legal Education Center, was also arrested. The article provides more details about the banners...