· April, 2008

Stories about Food from April, 2008

Trinidad & Tobago: Rags or Riches?

  15 April 2008

“It really sucks being average in this country. I would say middle class but that carries with it certain assumptions about owning property, having savings and enjoying a particular lifestyle – things that don’t necessarily hold for the middle economic rung in this country”: Ramblings and Reason explains.

Barbados: Talking to the People

  15 April 2008

Barbados’ Prime Minister breaks the standard “Address to the Nation” mold, instead holding a “press conference” on radio and television – Living in Barbados asks: “A new approach to democracy? At first blush, yes.” Pull! Push! adds: “This is quite simply amazing (maybe even dangerous?). It marks a radical and...

Jamaica: Guineps

  15 April 2008

“Oh what a delightful little fruit! Who can resist its lure? I love the smell, the taste, the colour, the feel of them inside my mouth”: Montego Bay Day By Day blogs about Guineps.

Haiti: PM Fired in No Confidence Vote

  14 April 2008

Both Upping The Anti and Bajan Global Report blog about the Haitian parliament passing a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis, while Dying in Haiti posts a first-hand account by Frandy in Carrefour about the past week's events.

Barbados: Thoughts on Zimbabwe

  14 April 2008

“I have been struggling for a couple of weeks over how to express my feelings about the current non-outcome from Zimbabwe's presidential elections”: Living in Barbados finally blogs about it.

Southeast Asia: Rising price of rice

  12 April 2008

Rice is the staple food in Southeast Asia and in many parts of the world. Many people in Southeast Asia are worried over reports that rice is getting more expensive and supplies are dwindling. Bloggers discuss the impact of the rice crisis in the region.

Haiti: Thoughts from Port au Prince

  10 April 2008

“Looters and destroyers do not represent this country any more than serial killers represent the United States”: The Livesay Haiti Weblog posts some thoughts by Ruth, a resident of Port au Prince.

Bulgaria: Dinner Parties

  10 April 2008

Inside Story writes about dinner parties in Bulgaria: “The only downside is that if you do not drink alcohol or you are vegetarian or vegan, you will find yourselves in a tough situation.”

Bangladesh: Hidden Hunger

  10 April 2008

Unheard Voices Blog quotes UNDP which hit the panic button for Bangladesh last month: Skyrocketing oil prices have driven up the cost of food worldwide, but their impact has been particularly dire in Bangladesh, where almost half of the 145 million people live on less than one dollar a day....

Bahrain: Should young girls wear hijab?

Bahrain's bloggers have recently looked at topics including the difficulties of being a pedestrian in Bahrain, negative thinking amongst Bahraini youth, the pressure placed on young girls to wear the headscarf – and the need to communicate more with Americans, writes Ayesha Saldanha, who brings us the latest buzz from Bahrain.

Azerbaijan: Cuisine

Carolyn & Jesse's Azerbaijan Peace Corps Blog introduces its readers to Azerbaijani cuisine. Although the blog says that the nutritional value of many of the meals on offer is questionable it concludes that there are some “real treasures in the country” and provides a culinary tour of some of them.

Honduras: More on Contaminated Cantaloupes

  6 April 2008

La Gringa's Blogicito writes about the continuing controversy regarding contaminated cantaloupes in Honduras. The president Mel Zelaya reportedly ate a cantaloupe on the international news in order to prove that there was nothing wrong with this important export, but controversy arose whether he ate a honeydew instead.

Trinidad & Tobago: Cost of Living

  4 April 2008

“The extent of the food price inflation is shocking, and I’m not just talking about the fact that $1 will only get you two pholourie these days”: The Liming House wonders whether he can afford to live in Trinidad and Tobago.

Uruguay: The World's Largest BBQ

  3 April 2008

Over 12,000 kg of meat is set to be on the barbeque, when Uruguayans aim to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records [es] at an event that will take place on April 13. They hope to top the previous record set by Mexican BBQ aficinados who grilled over...