· September, 2007

Stories about Food from September, 2007

China: Herbal Tea Soft Drink

  7 September 2007

Imagethief writes about a soft drink brand called Wang Lao Ji, which turns herbal tea into popular soft drink and is supposed to be healthy for the body. However, looking into the ingredient, it is more a sweet soft drink than herbal tea.

Japan: It's in the Milk

  6 September 2007

A group of scientists announced yesterday that Japanese women's breast milk has been found to contain a toxin similar to the pollutant PCB, with possible sources including a contaminated fish supply, fumes from garbage incinerators, and factory wastewater. Bloggers outline the issues surrounding the findings, reacting with shock and fear for the future.

China: Violent BBQ crackdown backfires

  5 September 2007

City administration officials in Chongqing attacked an illegal barbecue vendor, then the massive crowd which had formed attacked them, setting fire to the officials' vehicle; the riot squad was called in and the conflict went on into the early morning.

Peru: Pisco Wins Awards

  3 September 2007

Peru Food sings the praises of the national drink of Pisco, in which certain brands were recently awarded medals in European competitions.

Brazilian festival in New Jersey

  2 September 2007

Off The Broiler writes on the 15th Annual Brazilian Independence Day festival, which is happening in New Jersey until September 3. “Last year I was yelled at for not giving anyone advance notice about one of the best Jersey food and cultural events of the year”.

Kuwait: Is Summer Over?

  2 September 2007

Summer seems to be over in Kuwait as the country's blogosphere gets out of its slump. This week our bloggers discuss another ban in the country, buying illegal DVDs, a new magazine for Filipinos in Kuwait and a fun day out at .. a shooting range.

Mexico: Enchilada Festival

  1 September 2007

“Who could live in Mexico without trying enchiladas?” Now Mexicans and tourists alike will get a chance to try nearly 200 varieties of this typical dish. Vivir Mexico [ES] provides details of the Enchilada Festival in Iztapalapa.