· May, 2007

Stories about Food from May, 2007

Myanmar: Preparing Mont Lone Yay Paw

  14 May 2007

Yangon Thu shares her recipe for Mont Lone Yay Paw or Burmese Glutinous Rice Balls with palm sugar. The blogger posts a picture of the dessert to motivate to readers into preparing it.

Brunei: Eating Out

  13 May 2007

Old Man's Blog is happy that more and more people in Brunei are eating out. “am glad for these changes. Brunei is growing up. The people of this wonderful place are growing up. We are venturing out. We are living our life more openly.”

Lebanon: On Freedom, War and Olive Oil

The upcoming Lebanese presidential election, the Winograd Report regarding the Israeli July 2006 war on Lebanon, Lebanese agricultural products, Syrian workers, freedom of speech and freedom to blog in the Arab world, resistance to colonialism and the implications of being a leftist in Lebanon are some of the topics discussed by Lebanese blogs this week, reports Moussa Bashir.

Kuwait: It's Heating Up in Here !

Indoor activities are a big hit in Kuwait as summer temperatures soar. Bloggers discuss the programmes available in this week's round up by Abdullatif Alomar, which include indoor climbing and a tour of a moored sailing ship.

Oman: Food Blog Launched

Oman blogger Blue Chi has set up a cooking blog along with her friend. “I would like to confirm that all the photographs found on the Omani Cuisine website are of the actual food that we made, and no, I am not kidding. You can now go ahead and check...

Barbados: World Obesity Ranking

  8 May 2007

“According to Forbes Barbados weighs in at #12 in the world obesity ranking and at #2 in the Caribbean,” writes What crazy looks like as she embarks on her own health and fitness regime.

Peru: Ceviche Tops List

  4 May 2007

Alejandro's Peru Food blog links to a recent poll of Lima residents that found that ceviche is their preferred dish. Other dishes lagged far behind, from which he adds, “All I have to say is, of course!”

Guyane: Strange Fruit

  3 May 2007

En Guyane posts [Fr] pictures of a mangosteen, a local fruit originating from Asia. She calls the fruit “sweet and strange”.

China: Poisoned pets, our food regulations

  2 May 2007

With American FDA officials on the way to China to get to the bottom of the inclusion of the toxic chemical melamime in pet food exported to the United States, now known to have been responsible for at least several thousand cat and dog deaths, what do Chinese netizens have...

Russia: Dill and Other Food

Darkness at Noon writes about Russian food: “Did I mention the dill? Apparently this is the only herb that grows fresh in Russia because it has found its way into damn near every dish on the table. I once loved dill. Now it too falls in the “once a year”...