· February, 2007

Stories about Food from February, 2007

Ukraine: Taranka

  19 February 2007

Ukraine isn't just about salo, it's also about taranka: “While riding the bus in Ukraine, it is a common site to see a guy gnawing on a whole dried/salted fish.” More at Ukraine Update.

Arabisc: Pictorial Tour of the Middle East

  19 February 2007

Fed up of all the politics in the Middle East? Me too. This week we will take a pictorial tour of the region, making stops in Qatar, Bahrain, Tunisia and Lebanon, to name a few. There are real amazing photographers out there and the scenery and mood quickly changes from...

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  18 February 2007

We start off with a very special goodbye from Brian Anthony… Brian has lived, taught, and blogged from Damascus for more than two years, he returned to the US a couple of months ago… We all want to wish him the best of luck. This was his last goodbye post...

A Week Goes by in Kuwait

  17 February 2007

From a new movie to a naming special day after a popular soft drink (pop for Americans) to creating Kuwait's very own supermarket brand. These were some of the conversations going on at the Kuwaiti blogospehere last week. K TheKuwaiti talks about a new movie Sharq that is produced in...

Tajikistan: Seasonal Business

  15 February 2007

Andrea Dall'Olio reports on what one learns about market principles from shopping in Tajikistan's bazaars and the difficulties that Tajik companies trying to make and sell processed foods in the country.

Russia: Pancake Week

  13 February 2007

The Turkish Invasion writes about the celebration of the Pancake Week in Russia: “For the Russians Maslenitsa is like a carnival for the Italians, especially because the initial sense of festivals is the same: the Italian word “carnival” (carne-vale) means “farewell the beef!”, and Maslenitsa that precedes the Great Lent,...

Uruguay: Pizza & Faina

  13 February 2007

“In Uruguay pizza is not round, and slices are not triangular, well now [it] is getting more common, but when I was a kid, round pizzas could only be seen in movies.” Gabo of From Uruguay explains why.

Honduras: Cervezas

  13 February 2007

Changes in Heineken's global supply chain inspire “Don Godo” of Honduras Living to put together a guide of “vital info.” That is, descriptions of the four major domestic beers available in Honduras.

Touring Libyan Blogs

  12 February 2007

The discussion continues from last week again on AngloLibyan who has brought up the topic of the Libyan AIDS stricken children as an offshoot of the previous week’s discussion about the Libyan AIDS stricken children. Anglo Libyan highlighted this time the double standards carried out and the possibility of miscarriage...

A Week Goes by in Kuwait

  10 February 2007

Kuwait enjoyed nice weather this week. A lot of people grasped the opportunity and went out camping in the desert. Engineeroo was no different. He joined the scores of people who erected tents and took with them their food and drinks to enjoy the beginning of spring. Not only this...

New Caledonia: 6.65 Times More Expensive Than France

  9 February 2007

Expat French blogger Katuali complains (Fr) about the ridiculous markup in prices on French products in New Caledonia, an Oceanian island which is technically part of France: “That there be taxes and custom fees is fine but from there to selling a product 6.65 times more than what it costs...

Korea: Chicken

  9 February 2007

Michael Hurt blogs about the superiority of Korean Chicken, the secret is in the seasoning and the size.

Cuba: Two cookbooks

  6 February 2007

She'll get to Cuba eventually, but in the meantime, TriniFood of the Can Cook, Must Cook blog reviews two Cuban cookbooks.

Mali: Malian cuisine

  6 February 2007

Sociolingo's Mali blog has a post about Malian cuisine: “The main foods eaten by a moderately well-off family living in Mali’s capital, Bamako, are rice, millet, sorghum, and beans, cooked as a sort of porridge, served with a meat or fish sauce. A common meal in southern Mali is called...