· May, 2006

Stories about Food from May, 2006

East Timor: Local Liquor

  16 May 2006

Tumbleweed in timor lorosae reviews local liquors in East Timor. The same post also has an update of the situation in East Timor.

Armenia: Sharm El

Christian Garbis raves about his favorite Indian restaurant in Yerevan and says that it has been so successful that it is taking over the kitchen at another location.

Belarus: Ice Cream-Eating Flash-Mobbers Detained

EM of TOL's Belarus Blog thinks it'd be better for the Minsk flashmob community to move underground: “The problem with all of that is that KGB is reading those online communities as well, so there are usually security people present at the flashmobs even before they start. […] Or is...

Russia: Tamara Ivanovna From Apt. 14

Brigid of Laughter in the Dark posts a wonderful vignette about Tamara Ivanovna, an elderly Russian woman she met at a cafe in Krasnodar: “‘Tell me,’ she inquired, ‘how much did you just pay for that teensy little salad?’ ‘100 rubles.’ ‘And your coffee?’ ‘Eighty.’ ‘My, my, my! I can...

Russia: Eggs Ads

Russian Marketing Blog and Snowsquare.com both write about eggs: the former posts a picture of a box of quail eggs, a “masterpiece of DIY advertising and design;” the latter writes about the secret of “mysterious” ads featuring eggs recently revealed.

Vegetarian or Carnivorian, it is up to you!

  14 May 2006

#1: Apuntes de Cocina desde Venezuela on Salmon Gravalax!Learn to prepare it the easy way and enjoy it for the rest of your life! Head over to her blog to get the step by step recipes and great photos. #2: Directo al Paladar from Spain, visits the famous Restaurante Escuela...

Helping the Homeless in Moscow

LJ user beth4ever accidentally discovered (online) a group of volunteers feeding the homeless in the Moscow subway and at train stations, and decided to join them. Here's her account (RUS), also posted in the ru_homeless LJ community: On the homeless. I found this link and took part in an event...

Thailand: Beer Review

  12 May 2006

Paul H at 1stopchiangmai.com reviews beers available in Thailand, both local and imports. The post contains practical information for people trying Thai beers for the first time “Chang beer contains 6.4% alcohol, stronger than most other available beers. It is recommendable to drink it the Thai way, with some ice,...

Lao: Laotian Food

  12 May 2006

Lao ocean girl links to couple of blogs that host recipes and videos to help you prepare Laotian dishes.

Venezuela: New Trendy Eats in Caracas

  12 May 2006

Alfredo Octavio has pictures of the new Caracas restaurant of chef and Venezuelan food celebrity, Sumito Estévez. Adriana recommends (ES) the tasty sandwiches and salads at the new cafe Pomme de Pan.

Martinique: Friend of Yesterday, Lesbian of Today

  10 May 2006

The about section of Le Blog de [Moi] (FR) reads: “Friend of yesterday … Lesbian of today. To live one's homosexuality in Martinique on the day to day is possible. The proof: [Me].” Recent posts include a critique of French feminist group 143 Rebels and a lukewarm review of a...

Hong Kong: Supermarket food cleared

  8 May 2006

How much does it cost to raise a child in Hong Kong? No, how much does it really cost? Two sets of answers at Simon World, along with the refutation three weeks later of a food safety story one blogger suggested the downplaying of which would serve the interests of...

The Spice of Life

  7 May 2006

#1: From Argentina, Pomelo Pleasures presents: The Spice of Life: She wants it in her jam, me too!!! :) I am an absolute nut about mulled wine, and perhaps with good reason. I remember France during the holidays, going to a bazaar full of baked goods and steaming vats of...

Russia: Ban on Georgian Wine and Water

  7 May 2006

Beginning today, Russia has outlawed Georgian sparkling mineral water Borjomi, a health product that many ulcer patients have been relying upon since the Soviet times. Gennady Onishchenko, Russia's chief health inspector, has ordered the ban allegedly due to the discovery of a batch containing fake Borjomi. A few weeks earlier,...

Thailand: Chiangmai's hidden attraction

  5 May 2006

The 1stopchiangmai blog reveals one of the attractions near Chiang Mai that foreign tourist are not aware of. The blogger recommends “If you really want to experience how local Thais enjoy themselves and eat some real Northern Thai dishes, this is a great place to have a nice day trip....

Malaysia: Pork rib soup

  5 May 2006

themediaslut introduces us to Bak Kuh Teh or Pork Rib Soup – a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. The blogger compares the Malaysian version with the one in Singapore.

Slovenia: Vegetarian President

Slovenia's president is fighting cancer and is a vegetarian, writes Michael of The Glory of Carniola. He also links to an interview with the president published by the Society for the Liberation of Animals.

Haiti: Annual Agricultural Fair Showcased Local Produce

  3 May 2006

“On April 29 and 30, thousands of people participated in the annual agricultural fair organized in Port-au-Prince by the Ministry of Agriculture in honor of International Day of Labor and Agriculture,” reports (FR) Alterpresse. “300 exhibitors were present showcasing local crafts, industrial widgets and various beverages.” Visitors could taste traditional...