· December, 2013

Stories about Food from December, 2013

Dishing on Sino-American Relations

  27 December 2013

Chinese food culture constitutes a significant part in the Chinese language. Below is a part of an online fictional story on a conversation between Obama and Xi Jinping on Sino American relation explained and translated by Mary Ann O'Donnell: With respect to the importance of Sino-American relations, we will eat...

Coffee Blight in El Salvador Leads to Dramatic Drop in Exports

  19 December 2013

Coffee export revenues fell 40% in October and November of 2013 in El Salvador. Tim's El Salvador Blog reports on the blight affecting coffee farms throughout the country: Last week El Salvador's National Assembly finally established a fund for combating the coffee blight known as “la roya” and the ministry...

UNESCO Honors Japanese Cuisine as Intangible Cultural Heritage

  13 December 2013

The United Nations cultural agency UNESCO has officially recognized Japan's traditional cuisine “washoku” as “Intangible Cultural Heritage” among its 14 new listings. Overjoyed after reading the news, Japanese twitter user Komachi jokingly commented that her regular habit is now part of renowned heritage: 私、3日にいっぺんくらいは無形文化遺産作ってる!と言えるわけですね。 「和食」無形文化遺産に登録決定…ユネスコ(読売新聞) – Y!ニュース http://t.co/Fxvh0uoCNO — komachi (@komatchr)...