· February, 2011

Stories about Food from February, 2011

Ghana: Learn How to Make Iced Kenkey

  25 February 2011

Betumi explains how to make iced kenkey: “Iced kenkey” is quick and easy to make. It is a popular inexpensive snack/street food sold throughout much of Ghana. It can tide people over until they can have a more filling meal. Iced kenkey is also used as a weaning food for...

Mexico: Día de la Candelaria and Tamales

  3 February 2011

Lesley Téllez in The Mija Chronicles writes about Día de la Candelaria, “a Catholic holiday that honors the purification of the Virgin Mary. It’s also an important day for eating tamales. The holiday is a follow-up to Three Kings Day on Jan. 6.” She includes a recipe for strawberry tamales.

Kuwait: Blogger Sued for Restaurant Review

  2 February 2011

What started as a normal thing, a blogger writing a personal review of a newly opened restaurant, suddenly escalated into online drama when the restaurant manager threatened with a lawsuit. Mark Makhoul, a Lebanese expat-blogger in Kuwait, wrote a review of Benihana Kuwait, on his blog 248am.

Video: Explosive Chinese Popcorn

  1 February 2011

Videos of a unique Chinese popcorn making technique are doing their rounds on the internet. While for many popcorn popping has a unique rhythm to it that trickles from a single popping kernel to a deluge of pings and pops;  in China, popcorn pops with a bang.

Angola: “Melon of gold” uncovers social gap

  1 February 2011

Angolan netizens express their revolt in dozens of comments to a recent news [pt] about melon price speculation. The fruit is sold in one shop of Luanda for USD 105. In 2010 Luanda was considered the most expensive city in the world for expatriates. Almost 10 million [pt] Angolans still...

Botswana: How To Make Morula Jam

  1 February 2011

Tips on how to make morula jam (and by accident morula sweets): “I searched for a recipe for morula jam but never found one. This year I decided to try my luck and I was so pleased with the result. I thought I'd record my results here for other people.”