· September, 2010

Stories about Food from September, 2010

El Salvador: Aquaponics in El Salvador

  28 September 2010

Colleen writes about Aquaponics, “the combination of freshwater fish aquaculture and hydroponic vegetable production” in El Salvador for her blog Locavore del Mundo where she covers local farms and food movements around the world.

China: Cat meat posing as mutton

  24 September 2010

Elaine Chow writes in Shanghaiist about a recent rumor that “lamb shiskabobs” sold from street food vendors or mutton dishes from restaurants might have actually been made out of kitties.

Mozambique: “Bread Riots” Reflections

  21 September 2010

Globally and in Maputo, bloggers reflected on the unrest in Maputo and the government's response, addressing the economic, political and social aspects of events. Critiques of "civil society", globalization and Mozambique's economic model were numerous.

Azerbaijan: Back Home

  14 September 2010

AZ Cookbook has returned from its native Azerbaijan and posted photographs of the visit. Naturally, given the nature of the blog, it also takes readers on a culinary as well as cultural pictorial tour of the country.

Russia: Wheat Export Ban Triggers Worldwide Panic

  10 September 2010

A new Russian ban on grain exports, including wheat, has created a panic over how the move will impact wheat prices and food security. Russia is among the world's top five wheat exporters, but crops were devastated this summer as the country was hit with a record-breaking heatwave, severe droughts and wildfires.

Taiwan Without Petrochemical Industry…

  9 September 2010

What would have happened had petrochemical industry ceased to exist in Taiwan? The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under Taiwan's Ministry of Economical Affairs has tried hard to convince Taiwanese citizens that if Taiwan does not build more petrochemical industrial plants, its economy will collapse and people will suffer.

Brunei: Charity, Food, and Ramadhan

  7 September 2010

Bloggers in Brunei have been sharing their thoughts about the holy month of Ramadan. Charity seems to be a common thread in blogs and other social media sites. Bloggers have also organized some activities for netizens who are fasting.

Taiwan: The Allure of Night Markets

  7 September 2010

After sunset in Taiwan, when the stars start to twinkle, night markets are crowded with people from all walks of life. To Taiwanese, night markets are more than mere eating places, and now the culture of the night market has become a distinctive and precious touristic experience for foreigners visiting Taiwan.

Global Taiwanese Beef Soup Threading

  7 September 2010

The Big Old Smoke who lives in UK initiates a funny and tasty campaign “Global Taiwanese Beef Soup Threading[zht]” and invites her blogger/plurker friends both in Taiwan and abroad to share their individual beef soup recipes and post them on blogs.

Ghana: Do You Know Kube-ology?

  3 September 2010

Welcome to kube-ology 101: “Kube-ology is the study of kube (coconut) and kube-ology 101 is a series of kube lessons…In this course, I will bring you mini-lessons that I learn about kube in my bid to become a kube-meister…”

Mozambique: When people don't have bread to eat

  2 September 2010

Following reports of riots and burning tyres and looting shops in protest of the rising bread price in Mozambique, Administrator of Development Talks blog says: “If people do not have bread to eat, something is seriously wrong in a country.”

South Korea: Bloggers Chase After Fat Doughnut Burger

  2 September 2010

The Doughnut Hamburger that comes with a glazed donut in place of the bun and chocolate covered bacons, landed South Korea with a new nickname “폭탄버거”(:Bomb Burger as in 1,000 calorie bomb). Not a few curious bloggers have already posted reviews[kr]; some disappointed at the burger’s reduced size to 1/3...