· November, 2009

Stories about Food from November, 2009

South Africa: It was good food and wine

  16 November 2009

Travelwires’ post about Good Food and Wine show in South Africa: “According to Cashmore, record crowds thronged through the entrances to see, taste, participate and buy. Many of the visitors came back for a second and even a third time.”

Vietnam: Food safety

  11 November 2009

Health authorities discovered that a Vietnamese bottled drinking water is not safe for consumption. Banned food items are also being sold in many market stalls.

Pakistan: Devoted To Pomegranate

  7 November 2009

Owais Mughal at All Things Pakistan celebrates Pakistan's important fruit species pomegranate and its influence on art, literature, language and poetry.

Azerbaijan: Traditions

  7 November 2009

Sheki, Azerbaijan makes two posts on specific traditions practiced in her home country. In the first post, the blog explains how the shoes of visitors to homes are paired outside the front door, and in the second it looks at pickling white cucumbers.

Morocco: Touring the Moroccan Foodscape

  4 November 2009

Ask anyone who's never been what they know about Morocco, and it's likely that one of the first words out of their mouth will be "couscous." The seminal Moroccan dish is famous the world over, and to many, is synonymous with the country itself. But Moroccan cuisine goes far beyond couscous, offering delectables both sweet and savory, meaty and vegetarian. And this week, bloggers are tempting us with all of it!

Japan: GM labeling

  3 November 2009

Martin J Frid from Kurashi blogs about the actual [lack of] practice of GM labeling in Japanese food industry.