· September, 2009

Stories about Food from September, 2009

China: Mooncake

  29 September 2009

Uln found the gift economy of moon cake during the mid autumn festival in Shanghai amazing.

Trinidad and Tobago: “poor man's food”?

  21 September 2009

“Why are we so angry about the rise in the price of doubles?” Coffeewallah considers the popular Trinidadian street snack as an economic indicator. “The cost of living has increased for everyone, even your doubles vendor. They are really a barometer for society.”

Trinidad and Tobago: pommecythere chow

  18 September 2009

Simply Trini shares a recipe for a Trinidadian speciality: pommecythere chow, i.e. a kind of spicy pickle made a with a fruit popular in the Caribbean (also know as golden apple or June plum).

Pakistan: Shifting The Blame For Stampede Death

  15 September 2009

Kalsoom at CHUP: Changing Up Pakistan informs that yesterday at least 19 women were killed in a stampede while collecting food in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Karachi. “In the wake of this heart-breaking incident, it seems we are all trying to find a scapegoat,” comments the blogger as...

Panama: The Arepa Buzz

  15 September 2009

In Panama, Rob Rivera writes that the shop in Via España that sells arepas, a popular food in the country, is deserving of all the buzz that it has been receiving as of late.

USA: 30 New York Mosques in 30 Days

  14 September 2009

Two young men in New York City, Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq, are nearing the end of their journey to document visits to "30 mosques in 30 days" on their blog of the same name.

India: The Delhi Bloggers Meet #31

  14 September 2009

Raja Basu at Potpourri informs that on 12th September, 2009 “the ‘Delhi Bloggers Bloc’ (DBB) had its 31st meet at the Jama Masjid of Old Delhi, followed by a solid meal at the ‘Al-Jawahar’ restaurant.”

Japan: In Response to ‘The Cove’

  13 September 2009

Lisa Katayama at Tokyo Mango blogs about an update about the dolphin killings in Taiji from the Oceanic Preservation Society, the organization behind the documentary ‘The Cove’.

Cuba: Filtering Connections

  3 September 2009

Yoani Sanchez ruminates on the many changes September brings, including this surprise: “Since last Friday it is impossible to [connect] to Voces Cubanas from the Island. They have applied to it the same slow filter they use to block the connection to desdecuba.com for users in Cuba with very slow...