· February, 2009

Stories about Food from February, 2009

Morocco: Simply Delicious

  26 February 2009

This week, the talk in the blogoma seems to be about all things edible. Moroccan cuisine, widely considered one of the most complex and best in the world, is derived from Arab, Spanish, Turkish, Jewish, and native Amazigh culinary traditions and is well-known for its use of vegetables and spices....

Brunei: Fund drive for flood victims

  25 February 2009

As part of the efforts to collect donations for flood victims, charity drives have been organized in recent weeks in Brunei. The heavy downpour last month caused heavy floods and landslides in the country, affecting homes of more than 200 families, and destroying milllions of dollars in properties and crops.

Global: Convoy to Gaza Makes History

  23 February 2009

History was made yesterday in the Maghreb as a convoy headed from the UK to Gaza was allowed to pass through the border between Morocco and Algeria, which has been closed for nearly 15 years. The border closed in 1994 after Morocco suspected Algerian involvement in the attack of a Marrakesh hotel.

Kenya: Activists Arrested and Beaten

  19 February 2009

Gukira writes about the arrest and beating of Kenyan activists who were standing outside Parliament in Nairobi. They were hoping to plead with government minister to act swiftly to prevent more deaths from starvation.

Caribbean: Economic Effects

  18 February 2009

Keith in Trinidad says that “it is troubling that we seem so oblivious to the meltdown that's occurring” in Martinique and Guadeloupe, while Living Guyana cites the many examples of regional economic discord to add weight to his question of whether “Guyana's tenuous economy will be negatively affected.”

Cambodia: Pushing for a more organic future

  18 February 2009

Bloggers at CAAI News Media and Khmer Stars feature a Phnom Penh Post article on the slow food movement that ran on February 10, 2009. The article discusses Slow Food's philosophy of creating food in a good, clean and fair manner and how that philosophy is applied in Cambodia. The...

China: Chemical Additives in Mengniu Milk Prohibited

  18 February 2009

ESWN translated excerpt Of Fang Zhouzi's interview on Mengniu's Telunsu milk regarding the recent prohibition of chemical additives, (OMP) and IGF-1, by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

Jordan: Cook for Peace

  17 February 2009

“Arab Chick and Jewish Girl, two of the most hilarious bloggers hailing from the region,  have created a cooking blog to  achieve for world peace. No snark, we’re all serious here,” reports Kinzi, from Jordan.

Guatemala: The Shuco Hot Dog

  15 February 2009

The Guatemalan Shuco Hot Dog, which contains avocado sauce, boiled cabbage, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, mustard, hot sauce, and other meats, is starting to become world-famous writes Rudy Girón of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo noting that it now has its own Wikipedia entry

Palestine: A community oven in Gaza

  14 February 2009

Canadian activist Eva Bartlett describes how a community oven has been set up in a village in southeastern Gaza: “For the many villagers who can’t afford, or can’t find, cooking gas and who are exhausting firewood supplies (although the Israeli military’s bulldozing and tank-ravaging of olive and fruit trees provides...

Bahrain: A ban on pork?

  10 February 2009

Bahraini blogger Ammaro cannot believe some MPs have called for banning pork: “Banning something doesn't make people more religious…Oh, and this may shock you MPs, but the people who usually purchase pork AREN'T USUALLY MUSLIM.”

Kazakhstan: Devaluation and Blogospghere

  10 February 2009

On February 4, the National Bank of Kazakhstan ceased maintenance of the national currency tenge (KZT). The measures on retention of the overestimated exchange rate during the last 6 months has cost nearly $6 billion, while national currencies in the neighboring countries have dropped down significantly. The new exchange rate...

Bhutan: Meat Ban

  10 February 2009

Tshering Tobgay's Blog discusses the proposal to lift the ban on selling meat products during the 1st and 4th months of Bhutanese traditional calendar.

Trinidad & Tobago: Line Jumping

  9 February 2009

As three police officers make an “emergency” trip to KFC, Trinidadian blogger Paolo, who witnessed the incident, has this to say to the Acting Commissioner of Police: “I do not expect that you knew about this, but now I hope you do. So what the hell are you going to...

Africa: BetumiBlog Top 100

  6 February 2009

Franks is excited about her blog being one of the top 100 blogs for learning about Africa. Betumi is a blog about African food: I received word today that BETUMIblog has been listed as one of the 100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa. It's thrilling to be included in...

Haiti: Baie d'Orange

  5 February 2009

“Living in Haiti brings me face to face with the most urgent and painful result of our environmental crisis: the death of children and the elderly in a village where environmental degradation has led to poverty and starvation”: Konbit Pou Ayiti takes a trip to Baie d’Orange.