· November, 2008

Stories about Food from November, 2008

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Thanksgiving

  27 November 2008

“America is so full of contradictions! For even as our extended family sits down to eat our Thanksgiving dinner, there are many in our neighborhood who are now facing foreclosure and with barely anything to be cheerful about this year”: Jamaican diaspora blogger Geoffrey Philp is thankful for his children...

Cuba: Hurricane Aftermath

  24 November 2008

Generation Y takes a road trip to Cuba's Pinar del Rio and is even more convinced that “we have to avoid letting our tendency to forget cover up the situation…we have to go to the affected areas, deliver aid directly, and record the testimonies there. The hurricane-force winds are still...

Japan: 10,000 signatures to support a café

  20 November 2008

A small independent café, Berg, is facing possible eviction from a shopping complex in Shinjuku, adjacent to the world's busiest train station. The building owner wants the 50-square-metre café out because the café owner has refused to sign a new contract that allows the company to evict its tenant after...

Japan: Full-speed ahead for Christmas and New Year's Eve

  16 November 2008

Blogger at Techtech to Tuzuru Nichijô Essay Book (テクテクとつづる日常エッセイブック) [jp] describes how, since the first week of November, Tokyo is already lit up for Christmas, everybody seems to walk faster, all the shops are already selling gifts and the big department stores are already displaying special dishes for the New...

Haiti: Dire Situation

  14 November 2008

Konbit Pou Ayiti says that “although most of the world has moved on from the tragic stories of the four powerful storms that thrashed Haiti in August and September, Haitians certainly have not. In Gonaives, people are still living on the roofs of homes that are covered in mud. In...

Vietnam: Dog food

  14 November 2008

This is not for dog lovers. ABP Photo uploads pictures of a dog in Vietnam which was slaughtered so that it can be served for dinner.

Japan: Granny's blog

  12 November 2008

The first of its kind, a Japanese blog called Sobolog (祖母ログ) [ literally “Grannylog”] crosses three generations, written by a nephew living in Tokyo in collaboration with her mother (who records the facts), presenting the daily life of her funky granny named Hide (82 y.o.) living in Gunma Prefecture. In...

Cuba: Hospital Visit

  11 November 2008

“A bucket in one hand, a pillow under my arm, and a fan balanced on my hip”: Generation Y says that with hospitals in Cuba, “the patients’ families must bring everything.”

Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana: From the Yard

  10 November 2008

“Growing up in a semi-rural, agricultural area of Trinidad, every household would make garden. Some larger than others, depending on the availability of land. Neighbours shared peas, beans, fruits, trade dasheen bush for avocados, encouraging diversity without having to plant everything yourself”: Lifespan of a Chennette highlights “the joy that...