· August, 2008

Stories about Food from August, 2008

Dominica: Agricultural Economy

  28 August 2008

“I strongly believe that if Dominica gets busy developing its agricultural product this could well have other spin-off positive effects”: Chris at Dominica Weekly thinks that going back to the land may well be the way out of the island's economic crisis.

Palestine: I want a vending machine

“I don’t care how much those suckers cost, I will even take a loan out, and I will buy a vending machine!” writes Palestinian Rebellious Arab Girl, who lives in Canada. She complains that the cost of soft drinks and candy have increased on campus.

Cuba: Domestic Tourism

  18 August 2008

“In the absence of tourist offices where a Cuban citizen can arrange – in Cuban pesos – an excursion in his own country, private resourcefulness has addressed this ‘market niche'”: Yoani Sanchez visits Soroa “on a trip coordinated by one of these emerging ‘tour operators'”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Fruit Fiesta

  15 August 2008

Trinidadian blogger Lifespan of a Chennette turns the spotlight on some indigenous Caribbean fruit: “You never know when you might need this kind of information.”

China: Keeping It Kosher at the Olympic Games

If you've ever been to China (or a traditional Chinese restaurant), you know that eating kosher according to the rules of religious Judaism is near impossible. Tiffany Sameyah of Jewneric reports that despite the best efforts of the rabbis, kosher food may not be available due to security rulings by...

Vietnam: Coconut milk

  14 August 2008

Wandering Chopsticks mentions why coconut milk and coconut juice are important ingredients in several Vietnamese and Thai recipes.

Jamaica, Trinidad: On the “Doubles”

  12 August 2008

“If a visitor's stomach can handle pepper and curry first thing in the morning, then this is a nice surprise for the palate, and a great way to start the day”: Jamaican Francis Wade posts video of a Trinidadian Doubles vendor.

Trinidad & Tobago: Taking Action

  11 August 2008

“Funny how we have all these conveniences to make our lives easier but we still can’t find time to do things like learn to be self-sufficient”: Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer discovers permaculture.

Georgia: Calmness in Gori

  10 August 2008

Regional Reporters [RU] reports that calmness has descended on the Georgian town of Gori following bombing raids by Russian jets. However, the blog says that bread is in short supply and some shops have none at all.

Peru: Blogging About Food at Home and Abroad

  8 August 2008

Peruvian food has been receiving plenty of attention in the media, and bloggers are writing about their favorite dishes. Alejandro García of Peru Food provides the latest blog roundup about the subject of local cuisine found at home and in the diaspora communities.

Western Sahara: Three Cups of Tea

As with many cultures, people in Western Sahara have developed rites and a social scene around tea and we can imagine the desert, a cloudless sky at night, a full moon and a cup of tea (or two, or three)! Renata Avila makes us do just that in this translation of Spanish Sahrawi blogs.

Serbia: Slatko Recipe

  2 August 2008

Sajkaca of the collective blog Balkan Crew shares the recipe for Slatko (Serbian for “sweet”), a Balkan specialty that is “a preserve in which fruits are kept whole in a thick and very sweet syrup.”