· December, 2007

Stories about Food from December, 2007

Philippines: Sweet Treat

  31 December 2007

Eating Asia has a pictorial post on how people in rural Philippines work out a sweet treat with a stick and a can of molasses.

Armenia: Come on-a My House for New Year

  27 December 2007

Armenian Food reminds its readers of the 1951 hit by Rosemary Clooney, aunt of actor George Clooney, Come On-a My House. Written by two ethnic Armenians, one of which was American-Armenian writer William Saroyan, the blog says the song typifies the lavish tables that will be center stage for Armenian...

Trinidad & Tobago: Chutney Christmas

  27 December 2007

“The thought of Christmas gift buying practically brings me out in hives, because I can’t bear pre-Christmas crowds and the over-commercialisation of Christmas.”: Can Cook, Must Cook is giving homemade Christmas presents to her friends.

Caribbean: Christmas Traditions

  23 December 2007

All over the world, people get together with friends and family to celebrate Christmas. They exchange gifts, and invite one another to their homes for parties, lunches or dinners, signifying the trademark Christmas message of peace and goodwill. Karel McIntosh speaks to a few regional bloggers to get a glimpse into what Christmas traditions are like in the Caribbean...

Barbados, Jamaica: Navel String

  20 December 2007

“Dirt under the nails is a good thing”: Living in Barbados blogs about an interesting Jamaican tradition and the joys of being close to the earth.

China: Sobbing without tears

  19 December 2007

A land thirsty for water is calling for help. How many more villages would die out due to the drought? How much more land would be eroded, even buried by sand?

Tanzania: Have you tried dried fish heads?

  18 December 2007

Pernille writes about “chakula” (food in Swahili) in Tanzania: “Rice, beans and ugali – after three months I've concluded that these are the most important Tanzanian food ingredients – and that it might never ever change. Well, sometimes there are small alterations: This Friday the rice and beans came along...

China: Fake Meat at University Canteen

  17 December 2007

Zhaomu blogs about the fake meat issue at Peking University's Canteen. Because of the rise of pork price, the canteen used bean fiber as substitution. When the issue had been exposed in the school BBS, the canteen manager refused to apologize and defended that he was trying to improve the...

Bhutan: Chillies!

  14 December 2007

A brief note on Bhutanese food at Visit Bhutan – with the apparent chief ingredient being chillies.