· September, 2007

Stories about Food from September, 2007

Singapore: Rojak or Mixture Salad

  28 September 2007

Culture Shiok writes about the popular salad dish in Singapore and Malaysia called Rojak and how the societies in these countries are also referred to as Rojak.

Arabeyes: Ramadan Scenes

  26 September 2007

With the month of Ramadan halfway through, bloggers in the Middle East are still tapping away at their keyboards, reflecting on different aspects of the Islamic month of fasting. This week we make stops in Yemen, Palestine, Kuwait and Israel to see what bloggers have to say.

Ramadaning in Kuwait

  24 September 2007

Ramadan, food and shopping were top priorities among Kuwaiti bloggers last week. Abdullatif AlOmar takes us on a tour of Kuwaiti blogs which include a shopping trip at a hypermarket where even the shampoo looks interesting when you are fasting!

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Healthy Living

  24 September 2007

“Alarmed by the rising rates of non communicable diseases in the Caribbean the Heads of Govermnents recently held a summit dedicated to addressing the issue”: Abeni puts in her two cents’ worth.

Syria: What's on the Palate?

  22 September 2007

Perhaps because it's Ramadan, or because talking about the news is difficult, this week Syrian bloggers are focused on food. From the best recipes to those that make no sense at all, here's a roundup of this week's posts.

Serbia: A Store in Kosovo's Capital

  20 September 2007

Prishtine: Independence and Kanun posts pictures of a favorite store in Kosovo's capital: “‘ginger’ … when you have a need to feel suave, intellectual or just plain bourgeoisie, ginger is the place for you — books, music, dvds, couch, dog and all. This store rocks….”

Bermuda: Government to Tackle Obesity

  20 September 2007

Shawn and Sue's Island Adventure has a theory about Bermuda: “This island is fat, and not with a “ph” like the kids say. It turns out that 63% of the island's adults are overweight/obese.”

Arabeyes: Driving in Ramadhan

  19 September 2007

Staying up all night, sleep deprivation and lack of water, food and cigarettes from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, the month of fasting, is having its toll on drivers - especially those stuck in traffic jams. Here are some of the rants from exasperated bloggers.

Bahrain: Even Ramadan Is Sectarian

  16 September 2007

This week in Bahrain we focus on bloggers' responses to the start of Ramadan. A number of bloggers are frustrated that the start of the month varies according to the different sects. Others are bothered with the entire month itself. Ayesha Saldanha has more in this post.

Haiti: Flour Prices Go Up

  13 September 2007

“The phrase ‘give us this day our daily bread’ suddenly takes on a whole new meaning,” writes Theo at Pwoje Espwa as he talks about the sudden increase in the price of flour in Haiti.

Peru: The Rising Boom of Peruvian Cuisine

  11 September 2007

There has been a national and international boom in regards to Peruvian gastronomy. Over the past years, talking about Peruvian food has been something very common. Radio and television programs, newspapers, books, cooking schools and of course, blogs have all taken part in the discussion. Peruvian bloggers are taking pride in being in the spotlight, while others seek to explain what else could be done to take advantage of this attention.