· July, 2007

Stories about Food from July, 2007

Across the Panamanian Blogosphere

  31 July 2007

There is plenty on the mind of the Panamanian blogosphere, with topics ranging from the fate of former leader Manuel Noriega to a delicious tree tomato. Melissa De Leòn Douglass covers these broad topics in this blog round-up from Panama.

Swaziland: cultural competency pop quiz

  24 July 2007

A Swazi cultural competency pop quiz from Ryan: “Please classify the thirteen pictured foods as (a) ubiquitous in Swaziland, (b) available in Swaziland, but unaffordable by most all Swazis (c) nowhere in Swaziland. If you email me your answers (or leave them under comments), I will reward the winner with...

Poland: Posts on Politics

The beatroot writes about a homophobic gay icon, alcohol consumption data, an “unbelievable new alliance” of two Polish politicians, President Lech Kaczynski's meeting with George W. Bush, and one politician's anti-German rhetoric.

Cambodia: Better Food Safety

  23 July 2007

Borin in Cambodia is demanding better food safety. “I can’t sit and see my family, friend, my colleague, eating unsafe food everyday without knowing how to stop it.”

Angola: Blogging from inside the country (I)

  22 July 2007

With a total population estimated at just under 16 million, five years after the end of the thirty-year long civil war, the state telecommunications enterprise Angola Telecom’s fixed-line network still serves less than one percent of the population, Internet Service Providers hardly serve one person per one thousand people and...

China: More about fake buns story

  20 July 2007

ESWN translated a Southern Metropolis Daily story that gives some background about how people figure out that the cardboard baozi (or buns) was a fake story.

China: Fake News On Cardboard Buns

  19 July 2007

Last night, Beijing News Channel reported that the Cardboard Buns was a faked news directed by one of their reporter who made a public statement that he had paid the hawker to make the cardboard Buns or Baozi. However, Nu Qui Lu-wei from 1510 wondered whether the statement of the...

Turkey is Typing…Moving: The Physical and Political

With six days until the parliamentary elections in Turkey, Turkish bloggers this week are avidly watching the news outlets; speculating on the political future of the republic. And while the country prepares for a new political move many seem to be moving themselves as our coverage of the past week of the writings of Turkey illustrate.

Africa: African Content Projects

  17 July 2007

Kenyan Pundit writes about two African Content Projects: “I’m a huge proponent of building and showcasing our local (African) content rather than bitching up a storm about how neglected we are…here’s two opportunities to do so.”