· January, 2007

Stories about Food from January, 2007

Philippines: Taho Seller

  31 January 2007

Senor Enrique in Manila introduces us to Jun, a Taho seller. Taho is a popular sweet snack in Philippines and it is made with bean curd, liquefied raw sugar and tapioca balls.

Bahrain: Commemorating Muharram in Style

  26 January 2007

It's the month of Muharram in the Muslim calendar – a month commemorated with a variety of activities in Bahrain. Blogger Mahmood Al Yousif pays a visit to a friend's house, where they were preparing three pots – each with a capacity for 850kg of Shilla – a special dish...

South Korea: Hongdae redevelopment

  26 January 2007

Matt in Gust of popular feelings blogs about his experience of Seoul city culture: eating places, cafes, etc. Such spaces are disappearing with redevelopment plan, the upcoming one is Hongdae redevelopment.

Iran:Too expensive tomatoes and American warships

  22 January 2007

ViewfromIran talks about a hot topic in Iran:the price of tomatoes.The blogger shares with us her connversation with a couple of friends. The blogger writes:“Why is everything suddenly so expensive?” “There are American warships in the Persian Gulf,” I say. By the way,“Ahmadinejad says If tomatoes are expensive then come...

Singapore: The First Fast Food Restaurant

  22 January 2007

Lam Chun See and his friend Peter Tan remember the first fast food restaurant in Singapore.”I doubt many young people know that Singapore’s first fast food restaurant was not from MacDonald’s or KFC …”

Trinidad & Tobago: Blog love

  19 January 2007

The IZATRINI.com blog reviews shortdrop.com, a web site for Trinidadian car enthusiasts, and TrinidGourmet.com interviews fellow food blogger Chenette.

Iran:Tomato becomes a Luxury Product

  18 January 2007

Sanjaghak talks about inflation and high prices in Iran. The blogger writes the price of tomato has become so expensive that a deputy in Iranian Parliament said tomato is a luxury product, all people are not supposed to eat it [Fa].

India: All that food

  17 January 2007

Primalsoup associates memories and places with food, and urges the people she tags to do the same! “Me and my family like any other bunch of foodie people, associate most of our socialization and relationships around food. I especially, equate almost everything with food.”

South Korea: Haejangguk

  17 January 2007

Matt explains what is haejangguk: Haejang means to eat or drink something in the morning to relieve a hangover and guk means soup; and shows what kind of food is served in haejangguk.

Mexico: IHOP in San Pedro

  16 January 2007

Noting the recent arrival of American restaurants like Chilis and Starbucks, Ocho Cuartos is still a bit surprised to hear that IHOP, or International House of Pancakes, will be making its debut [ES] in the upscale Monterrey neighborhood of San Pedro.

Argentina's King Fish, Panama's Year, and Easy Kerala Parotta

  14 January 2007

#1: Jeremy Shapiro, the Chef behind Stir the Pots, narrates his adventures during his trip to the Ecuadorean Andes: The array of  colors and smell was inspiring as a chef.All  I  needed were my knives, a stove and a kitchen!What surprised me about such a humble town was the cleanliness...

India: The CookBook Project

  13 January 2007

Feed A Hungry Child Campaign on the CookBook project. “The purpose of this project is two pronged; that of documenting disappearing recipes along with practical hands-on cooking advice as well the larger goal of raising funds from the sale of the book for the FAHC (feed a hungry child) campaign.”

Cuba: Chino-Cubano

  12 January 2007

Following on a post in which she wondered about the existence of an authentic Caribbean-Chinese cuisine, TriniFood learns of the existence of “Chino-Cubano” (Chinese-Cuban) cuisine.