· December, 2006

Stories about Food from December, 2006

Poland: Honorary King

  25 December 2006

The beatroot reports: “46 members of the Polish parliament have tabled a motion to name Jesus Christ as the ‘honorary King of the Republic of Poland’. […] There is an historical precedent to this mad move, however. The Virgin Mary was made Honorary Queen of Poland 350 years ago by...

This Week's Saudi Blog Roundup

  23 December 2006

The Human Rights Watch visit to Saudi Arabia is still making headlines, 80 rats were found on a Saudi Airlines plane, a Bible was denied entry into Saudi, the Quran is now recognized as the second-most wanted Christmas gift in Denmark, and Sheikh Dot is back. Now, for the roundup…...

Laos: Touristy Vang Vieng

  21 December 2006

Popagandhi leaves Laos in a hurry after discovering how touristy Laotian city of Vang Vieng has become. Laos was one of the last South East Asian country to be opened to tourists. “Everybody sold the same mediocre and expensive food tailored for the Western palate. Everybody played the same music....

Barbados: Fair Trade Bananas for Sainsbury

  15 December 2006

Sainsbury, the popular UK supermarket chain, has made a decision to stock Fair Trade bananas only. Gallimaufry applauds the move, saying, “Small-scale banana farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to benefit substantially.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Paime

  15 December 2006

TriniGourmet discovers that Paime, a Trinbagonian Christmas favourite, is also enjoyed by West Indians in other islands, albeit by different names. She also posts appetizing photos along with a recipe.

Madagascar: Samoosa? Sambosa? Sambos?

  13 December 2006

Mad de Madagascar delves (Fr) into the history that brought samoosas (however spelt and prounouced in the region) to the Indian Ocean (Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius) from India. The blogger then offers a video of a French chef's recipe and adds that in Reunion, cousins have emerged made with cheese or...

Poland: Martial Law Remembered

  13 December 2006

The beatroot writes what the martial law in Poland felt – and tasted – like: “Martial Law, Poland, December 13, 1981 […] tasted like plastic. There is an evocative free gift with this week’s edition of Newsweek Polska. It’s a little box of chocolates. Inside the period looking box are...

Trinidad & Tobago: Hops Recipe

  8 December 2006

A staple of the Christmas menu in Trinidad and Tobago is “Hops and Ham” – TriniGourmet warmly remembers Hops Bread as an integral part of her childhood and posts a helpful recipe.

Tanzania: Tanzania's nightmare

  8 December 2006

My Africa Today reviews the documentary, Darwin's Nightmare: “At first, it seems as if he's emphasizing that Europe doesn't provide anything to Africa in return for the food. But he finally gets around to the presumption that illegal arms shipments are actually flying in.”

China: cigarettes quotas

  8 December 2006

Zat Liu explains why a domestic cigarettes brand Zhongnanhai were out of sale in Shanghai: every year Zhongnanhai gives different regions certain quotas…