· November, 2006

Stories about Food from November, 2006

Pana-Blogs Report

  29 November 2006

#1: From Chiriqui Chatter: El Desfile de los Bomberos en David , a very colorful report on a traditional  firemen parade that takes place in most large cities in Panama to commemorate the  independence festivities of the country. In this case Don shares a collection of photos and even a...

Trinidad & Tobago: Pastelles

  29 November 2006

Trinifood offers some historical background on pastelles, one of Trinidad and Tobago's favourite Christmas delicacies, and a recipe as well.

Pakistan: A Healthy Diet

  25 November 2006

Sajjad Zaidi's Blog on having trouble finding something healthy to eat thanks to the food culture in Pakistan. “Our lives are getting more and more hectic and we have more money to indulge the taste buds, yet few people know much (or care) about nutrition and would rather enjoy their...

Thailand: Unknown Fruit

  24 November 2006

The bloggers at Eating Asia discover a new fruit in the streets of Chiang Mai. “Two days later our 60 baht-a-kilo dien taw was ‘very, very’ soft and ready to eat. I cut it in half to find two burnished brown seeds and smooth, starchy golden flesh. Dien taw's texture...

Hong Kong: food security

  24 November 2006

How come the egg yokes are in reddish yellow? Because farmers are feeding chemical to ducks and hens. More and more food security issues were exposed in recent weeks. Zoomimaging urged more monitor and change of consumption habit (zh).

East Timor: Coffee Industry

  20 November 2006

Diligence in his post titled The coffee report describes the Coffee Industry in East Timor. Coffee contributes to about 90% of East Timor's export earnings.

Laos: A Lao Picnic

  20 November 2006

Darly at Laocuisine.net blogs about Lao picnics and the food that would “knock one off ones feets”.

PNG: Sago Worms

  14 November 2006

Sjroeplog in Papua New Guinea writes about a dish he tried recently. “And to be honest; it tasted good. Just like eating chips.”

Hungary: Paprika in Szentes

  10 November 2006

“Some like it hot” – Photo by Kris of Little Town in Hungary, a blog featuring daily photos “from Szentes, a small town located on the southern Great Plain of Hungary.” Kris writes about this photo: I saw this scene yesterday. Does the owner of this flat like paprika so...