· October, 2006

Stories about Food from October, 2006

Uganda: steamed blood for dinner

  30 October 2006

How about steamed blood for dinner?, “I think that is quite an overexcited statement. I lost my motivation on page 85 when I found this recipe on how to cook a dish called ‘steamed blood': * ½ litre of blood * ½ teaspoon salt * Drain the plasma from the...

Russia: Anastas Mikoyan

  26 October 2006

Russian Marketing Blog writes about Anastas Mikoyam, “the People's Commissar for external and internal trade from 1926 till 1939″ – and the man who “wanted hamburgers to become popular Russian fast food.”

Iran: The end of Ramadan

  25 October 2006

Angus McDowall is a correspondent for Middle East Economic Digest and reporter for The Independent in Iran and he is blogging. About the end of Ramadan he says for a journalist, it can be a good time of year to check the social temperature. Some years the police hassle people...

Albania: Homemade Raki

  24 October 2006

“…After two weeks, the grapes were ready to be turned into raki. First they were loaded into the still…” – Step by step, Our Man in Tirana shows how a container full of homegrown grapes eventually yields 12 liters of homemade raki.

Panama Canal Referendum

  23 October 2006

#1: From Chiriqui Chatter: The Vote for the Big Dig The vote is today for the expansion of the Canal. Voting in Panama is a very serious thing both for referendums such as today’s and for governmental offices. All sides fiercely try to get their vote out. It is interesting...

Laos: Vegetable Garden

  21 October 2006

The blogger at laocuisine.net introduces some vegetables from Laos that the blogger has been growing in her garden.

Bangladesh: On fasting

  21 October 2006

Morris the Pen on fasting, Ramadan and fastlets. “Our speaker talks of how he looked forward to this as a child (the ‘Iftar’ or breaking-the-fast evening celebration is a time of joyous togetherness and seems like a ‘month of parties’). However, as an entrepreneur in middle age, he found it...

Argentina: Mar del Plata's Beer Route

  20 October 2006

Jorge Gobbi took advantage of his time in Mar del Plata last weekend to do some local beer tasting. Speaking of Mar del Plata, Google Earth 3D wonder, Ezequiel Galotti recently released his latest modeling of the city's streets and buildings.

Taiwan: mobile coffee

  18 October 2006

Funck Chen at CCB.2.0 blogs about the cultural history of mobile coffee house. The first coffee car appeared in 1999, and now becomes a national landscape and the drivers of moible coffee house are usually the best tourists’ guides (zh).

Armenia: No Visa

  16 October 2006

Notes From Hareinik reports on what it calls “corruption…in play” possibly leading to the denial of visas to those behind Yerevan's popular New Delhi restaraunt.

Dispatch from Uganda

  13 October 2006

Peace talks continue in Juba, Sudan, between the Government of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). Ngomrom faults the Government of Uganda and Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) of lacking seriousness in the talks with the LRA: Why would anybody even consider that the peace talks proceed with ICC...

Fiji: Excessive Kawa Drinking

  13 October 2006

Peceli at the Babasiga blog is asking the readers of his blog what they thing about excessive Kawa consumption. Kawa is a natural relaxant that is used in traditional ceremonies in Fiji and other South Pacific Islands.