· March, 2006

Stories about Food from March, 2006

Thailand: cooking school

  28 March 2006

Over at Thai-blogs, Richard Barrow, an English expat living in Thailand for 10 years learns about Thai food and cooking, including the different kinds of rice. He recommends one cooking school in particular.

Kenyan Sphere Dispatch

  28 March 2006

After the kenyan government raid on standard newspaper early this month, (Something that was covered by MSM around the world), there was talk in Kenya of mercenaries operating in Kenya. Nationmedia (free subscription) had an interview with one of the Artur brothers. The mystery of their involvement can be confusing....

Haiti: You Know You're Haitian When…

  26 March 2006

AyitiCheriConnexion posts (FR) an english language 35-point list of things that make one Haitian sent to her by a Haitian born outside of Haiti. AyitiCheri tacks on seven slides of staples of Haitian culture including the inevitable djondjon and griot.

The Magic of Food: A Global Edible Review

  26 March 2006

#1: From the UK, Blog Jam The traditional pickled pig's feet dish is one of our favorites. Of course you may have at least a dozen good excuses why you "think" you don't like them. Just forget for a moment where they come from, send to the back burner of...

Panama: Panela

  24 March 2006

Melissa De Leon is dizzy with anger that you have been lied to about the so-called dangerous impurities of panela. But then, just what is panela?

China: Democracy of food

  23 March 2006

Shanghaiist reviews a new phenomenon in Chinese cyberspace; a good food guide called Dianping (ZH). Four stars, but only in the Web site version, which is written by the restaurant-going public. The book, Jay Sheng reports, is rather bland.

Cambodian Weblogs in the Spotlight

  23 March 2006

When it comes to quality, expatriate s’ Weblogs are unbeatable. And to learn what's going on around town and in the country, locals’ Weblogs are noteworthy. It is all about what Webloggers must learn to come up with things to give the world a good read. However, they also learn...

Argentina: Mate

  20 March 2006

Santiago explains the etymology, social etiquette, and history of that most famous Argentine infusion, mate.

Buen Provecho!

  18 March 2006

Greetings from Panama! This week's food blog round-up is extremely scrumptious. Please do not read if you are hungry! #1: From Greece, Wanderlust ShaLadies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce you to Ms. Sha, the empanada queen! Oh,…just take a look at those photos. Just be prepared with...

Baobab Tree

  16 March 2006

The multifaceted Baobab is the “tree of life“. * the fruits are rich in vitamin C and are used to prepare beverages, * the leaves are used fresh or dried as vegetables and as forage, * the seeds are used to extract oil, * all parts of the tree have...

Russia: Folk Tales and Mushroom Lore

  14 March 2006

Novgorod-based RUBLog (recently renamed into Travel Russia!) links to a site featuring Russian folk tales in English, including the one about Sadko, a bard from Novgorod. The Accidental Russophile links to a site dedicated to the “Russian mushroom lore” and reproduces several well-known Russian folk tale illustrations.

India: Food Labels

  10 March 2006

Food Labels get a Hindu group a little angry. Kellogs at the receiving end says Pickled Politics.

Panama: Legendary Cocada Maker

  8 March 2006

Chef Melissa De Leon takes a trip to Monagrillo to meet legendary cocada maker, Juan Deago. Find out more about the Latin American treat as well as mister Deago's blogging niece, nephew, and daughter in California.

Argentina: The Big Apple and Buenos Aires

  7 March 2006

Just one more example of “the invasion of New York City media by all things Buenos Aires” says Ian of the marriage between Buenos Aires-based freelancer, Brian Byrnes (rss) and Argentine Chicago Tribune office manager, Maria Macarena Di Dio. Dan Perlman asks, “Argentina hits The Big Apple?” after reading a...