· July, 2008

Stories about Film from July, 2008

China: Citizen journalists prepare for the Olympics

  7 July 2008

Footloose citizen reporter Zuola has said [zh] he's going to be there, religious extremists are going to be there, foreign media seem to be looking for local stringers, and cutting-edge web 2.0 companies are so convinced that something worth vlogging will happen during next month's Beijing Olympic Games that they're...

Global Lives Project: Recording the lives of 10 people for 1 day

  6 July 2008

The Global Lives Project is a global initiative created to showcase the lives of 10 different people from all over the world by following them and recording 24 hours of their day in video. These 240 hours of material will be shown at the same time in an installation where a person will be able to walk through 10 different rooms projecting each one of their lives, and a central hub where the 10 screens will be seen simultaneously.

Jamaica: Trick and Treat

  1 July 2008

Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot goes to the movies, and finds Hollywood blockbuster Wanted is steeped in the tradition of the Trickster/Warrior, “the two dominant archetypes in Jamaican culture.”