· April, 2008

Stories about Film from April, 2008

Africa: Documentaries on China/Africa relationship

  7 April 2008

Ladybrile posts two documentaries on China/Africa relationship: “The much talked about and seemingly high interest in investments by Asians in Africa is definitely intriguing. Below are two documentaries Part I &II approximately 9-10mins each on Africa/China's relationship.”

Argentina: high school students use online video to report their issues.

  6 April 2008

By uploading a video on YouTube, argentinean high school students managed to get mass media's attention to their plight: the need for a building where they can receive classes. Currently the Ipem 112 “César Iñíguez Montenegro”, in Sebastián Elcano, a village to the north of the Cordoba capital in Argentina are receiving lessons at an elementary school. However, because the elementary school has double shifts, the high school students are forced to receive evening classes, as if it were a night school.

Jordan: The Queen's Video, New Media Battles & Spring

As spring begins to take its course throughout the Kingdom, Jordanian bloggers have had a lot to talk about these past two weeks. Naseem Tarwanah takes us on the tour of the Jordanian blogosphere, with stops at the Queen Rania YouTube message to the world; online free speech; spring and local politics.

Peru: The Nomadas Film Project

  3 April 2008

Cinencuentro [es] writes about the Nomadas project, a traveling film company that is currently located in the Southern part of Peru. Its objective is to promote Peruvian cinema and participates in health campaigns through the use of audiovisual tools.

Video and mobile video contests for global citizen journalists.

  3 April 2008

Three different video contests open for video bloggers from around the world to participate in, either especifically geared for citizen journalists or with a category for them. One for mobile movies, one to promote causes you care for and the last to report news through online video. So bring out your cameras and read on to discover how to participate.

Colombia: Movie Based on the Book “Killing Pablo”

  3 April 2008

A movie about the life and times of Colombian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar based on the book “Killing Pablo” has received the green light. Good Times in Medellín, Colombia writes that the director Joe Carnahan received permission from Escobar's son to go through with the film.

Nigeria: Nollywood movie, Anini

  2 April 2008

Oluniyi reviews Nollywood movie, Anini: “I had the opportunity to watch a Nollywood (Nigerian movie industry) action thriller movie directed by Fred Amata on Africa Magic yesterday, titled: Anini. The movie was released in 2005 and features Nollywood stars like Bimbo Akintola, Fred Amata, Jeta Amata, Segun Arinze, Chidi Mokeme,...